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The health ministry is complaining to a controversial doctor: They are spreading lies! He also violated the measures – Topky


According to the ministry, Lipták, who is also a member of the chamber, repeatedly disseminates false and misleading information about the Covid-19 disease, downplays the severity of the disease, encourages non-wearing of drapes, non-compliance with applicable measures and regularly disseminates misinformation about vaccination.

The Ministry also argues that Lipták also discouraged the vaccination of seniors in the Archa home for the elderly, who belong to the groups most endangered by the coronavirus. They also pointed out that he had been speechless at public meetings at a time when he was in breach of the regulations currently in force. “The Slovak Medical Chamber may assess the conduct and public performance of its members and, in the event of a breach of the Code of Ethics, has the right to infer liability to its member,” stated.

Source: Jan Zemiar

The Ministry emphasized that the profession of doctor rightly deserves a high degree of social recognition and respect. “At the same time, the profession of doctor carries with it a great deal of responsibility not only in the outpatient clinic but also in public life. The word doctor naturally has a great impact on the public. the course of the disease, “ stated.

The Association of Outpatient Providers also distanced itself from his statement a few days ago. They explained this by considering them unethical and unprofessional.

“Famous company”

Lipták actively participated in several protests against coronavirus-related measures, where he also spoke in public.

In the past, he also spoke publicly about bribes, which he called gifts, for which he also faced criminal charges, but the prosecution was eventually stopped.

In addition, he is also known in the media from the closely watched case of a bill of exchange, when he issued a PN to a one of the defendants and now legally convicted Pavel Rusk, for whom he could not attend the hearing.

The Chamber has not yet officially lodged a complaint

As the communication and media manager of the Slovak Medical Chamber, Nancy Závodská, stated in response, the ministry has not yet officially received a specific complaint from Dr. Lipták. She explained that as soon as the complaint was delivered to the chamber, its control committee, after being informed of the complaint, would send it to the doctor for comment. Subsequently, the Chamber will decide whether to submit a motion to initiate disciplinary proceedings to its Disciplinary Board. She can give the doctor a reprimand or a fine of up to 1659 euros. In case of repeated violation, the doctor may be expelled from the chamber.

“Due to the increasing number of suggestions, SLK plans to initiate a working meeting with the Minister of Health of the Slovak Republic in the near future, at which we want to talk about the broader competencies and powers of SLK,” concluded Závodská.

The Ministry of Health is filing a complaint

Source: SITA / AP Photo / Gerald Herbert

Lipták did not know about the complaint

As Lipták said, he has not yet known about the ministry’s complaint against him. He emphasized that it is in favor of vaccination, but currently used vaccines against COVID-19 in Slovakia, with the exception of the Sputnik V vaccine, are not safe.

He also pointed out that he cured dozens of patients from COVID-19. He does not consider the vaccination of children against coronavirus to be correct. He insists that wearing veils brings health complications. He added that he was willing to discuss how to help resolve the pandemic. He thinks that treatment should be strengthened, especially in outpatient clinics.


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