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Afghanistan, all Italians evacuated: today the last C-130


Afghanistan and Italian personnel in evacuation, “in the next few hours the last Italian C-130 will depart from Kabul on board both the consul Claudi, the ambassador Pontecorvo and the soldiers and carabinieri who contributed to the evacuation operations”. This was stated by the Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, during a joint press point at the Farnesina with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov. The head of the Farnesina then explained that in recent days, thanks also to coordination with the Ministry of Defense, “all the Italians who wanted to return and about 4,900 Afghan citizens” have been evacuated from Afghanistan.

Read also An “extraordinary G20 summit” on the crisis in Afghanistan “would make it possible to strengthen international coordination” on the five priorities indicated by the Italian government, he then explained. According to Di Maio, “heavy uncertainties weigh on the future” of Afghanistan and the G20 can represent a “fundamental platform” to favor “responsible management” of the crisis. “With Minister Lavrov we reaffirmed our desire to dialogue and collaborate in this extremely delicate phase on the international agenda “. This was stated by the Foreign Minister, Luigi Di Maio, during a joint press conference at the Farnesina with his Russian counterpart, Sergei Lavrov. “In a context that can only arouse deep concern, Moscow is a key player in managing the current crisis situation and, in the future, to reach an international humanitarian approach “, he declared.” We should ensure that the country does not return to being a safe haven for terrorism and agree on an international strategy to manage the impact migratory “from Afghanistan and to Lavrov I stressed the” importance of reaching a unified international approach because only global action can be effective against the new authorities in Kabul “. Di Maio then explained. Italy has guaranteed Russia that in the G20 dedicated to Afghanistan, “if this initiative is implemented”, Pakistan, Iran and other countries directly interested in the crisis will also be invited. who are not part of the group, Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov said. Russia stressed “the need to create an inclusive format”. “We have obtained the support and the promise of Italian colleagues that these countries will also be invited if this initiative is carried out,” said Lavrov, stressing that “Russia’s priority is the security of our allies, the states south of Russia, which are exposed to the danger of open borders “.” Russia is ready to respect the agreements that the United States has reached with the Taliban “, said the Russian again, specifying that” it is now necessary to better understand what role our partners see for the Russia in the G20 “. Russia has maintained the dialogue with the Taliban representatives, it is not only their responsibility (for what is happening, ed) “, he specified. Draghi-Lavrov meeting During this morning’s meeting at Palazzo Chigi, Prime Minister Mario Draghi and the Minister Lavrov also spoke about the situation in Libya and in particular the need to continue with the political dialogue promoted in Geneva by the United Nations also in view of the elections at the end of December and the need for a rapid withdrawal of foreign forces from the country. the meeting discussed the role of the various international fora, including the G20, to discuss the prospects for resolving the crisis in Afghanistan.


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