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VIDEO Gröhling beats the alarm: We need to help the children who fell! This shocked the minister – Topky


VIDEO Press conference of Branislav Gröhling:

We cannot just look at the subject of covid, this is a warning signal

“Despite the serious situation, we must continue, we cannot focus on one topic all the time,” Gröhling said on today’s topic and the coronavirus pandemic.

This is an important step to limit the repetition of the year. “In the last year, 3,000 students have repeated the year, which is 0.5 percent,” the minister said, adding that there was also a discussion about a general restriction on repeating the year due to a pandemic, but they still need to discuss it. “It’s about helping students who are lagging behind, because this system didn’t exist until now, and repeating a year doesn’t motivate them to move further into the system and it doesn’t solve anything.” the head of the department thinks.

Source: Topky / Vlado Anjel

The repetition of grades is slowly declining

So far, they have also presented several initiatives such as the “Together Smarter” tutoring project and summer schools. These projects are said to become systemic resources for students in the future so that they do not lag behind. By 2016, there were over 11,000 students, in 2019 10,000 students and in 2020 it was only 3,119 students from the first and second grade.

Branislav Gröhling

Source: Topky / Vlado Anjel

“It means we need to strengthen the first tier as a matter of priority,” Gröhling said with regard to the data, where the repetition of the year prevails in the first grade. “We will take individual steps to help them. This will be summarized in a guidance document and a binding document to be published next week.” said Gröhling, who reiterated that so far such a system, which would count on these students, did not exist. The strategy is ready for the next 3 years, ie by the end of the election period. At the end of this period, the ministry wants to ask itself whether the repetition of the year should be canceled. “We believe that any other partners from a possible other coalition will adhere to these principles and will respect them,” hopes the minister, who says he will ask himself this question, whether or not they will be in the next government.

Branislav Gröhling

Source: Topky / Vlado Anjel

What awaits us this school year?

State Secretary Svetlana Síthová is also at the briefing with the Minister, who said further information. “Now we’re going to ask ourselves who the student is in need of support? We offer an answer to this question through such evidence of a ‘school failure risk index.’ complicated period in the family, “ described the characteristics of the document Síthová.

In the second phase, they are said to need to identify why the student is identified in this school failure. In the third stage, once both questions have been answered, specific measures and manuals will be developed. “For example, if it is a student who misses lessons, then the support tool will automatically be needed in cooperation with pediatricians, ÚPSVaR and other entities,” claims Síthová. “It could also be a student who is from an excluded community, he did not have the opportunity to be educated remotely. The procedure here will be, for example, that the student will automatically need to be included in the tutoring project. the Secretary of State continues.

Svetlana Síthová

Source: Topky / Vlado Anjel

The project Smarter Together is not enough, three more will come, Síthová promises

“The form of tutoring will also be a systemic step. Schools will be supported not only financially but also in terms of personnel. In addition to” Together wiser “, we will also face other significant reforms. more successful, “ claims Síthová.

Another novelty will be curricular reform. “There is an opportunity to move the curriculum, to focus on what my class needs. These are the key reforms we will be implementing. There is also the possibility of introducing teaching assistants who could become students of teaching faculties.” promises Síthová.

The two-shift operation is incredible in 2021, Gröhling thinks

“Two-shift operation, unfortunately, helps children repeat the year. We have 49 schools with two-shift operation in 2021, which is an absolutely incredible thing. We will have to ask ourselves what we will really do about it.” criticizes the current state of the head of the Ministry of Education.

Branislav Gröhling

Source: Topky / Vlado Anjel

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