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August 27, 2021 at 10:10 AM by Emmanuel Bernard

It is this Friday, the day of the draw for the Europa League 2021-2022.

May be less for Olympique Lyonnais, than OM or AS Monaco, and again, we would almost gladly sign so that the draw for the Europa League, season 2021-2022, or the one below for the three qualified French clubs. Which takes place this Friday at noon from Istanbul, Turkey.

OM, OL and ASM qualify for the Europa League

Three Ligue 1 teams, two of which, OL and ASM, will be in hat 1 of the favorites. Knowing that the princely club failed, by nothing, to qualify for the Champions League. As for the Olympique de Marseille with them, it will be in the 3, with a greater risk, of inheriting large engines. This would not be the case here, if by chance things unfolded, as we did, on the application.

Start of the group stage on Thursday 16 September

The Phocéens would evolve in group E, along with Slavia, Lokomotiv and Ferencváros. Lyon would probably have more to be wary of their opponents, Belgians, Russians and Austrians, while in group D of the Monegasques, Celtic would look like a scarecrow. The first day of the 2021-2022 Europa League takes place on September 16. The group stage will end on December 9. The first will qualify for the eighth, the second will play a jump-off and the third will be transferred to the Conference League.

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