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What about people who can’t get vaccinated? Answers are still missing: Paid testing is the only option so far! – Topky


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In addition to opponents of vaccination, there are also people in Slovakia who cannot be vaccinated for objective health reasons. However, even these are seen as unvaccinated. If the operation or event has entry only for the OTP group – ie vaccinated, tested and obsolete – they must be tested. Antigen tests currently cost 5 euros in hospitals, but if you want to order quickly and easily, you will pay more from private providers. However, it seems that the decree of the Public Health Office could be changed to make it easier for this group of people.

“Confirmation of contraindication can be given to the citizen by a doctor – specialist – eg hematologist, immunologist, neurologist, etc. That is, a doctor in a specialized field in terms of diagnosis, which is a contraindication to vaccination after assessing the patient’s health and based on information from the patient’s medical records. the period of validity of the certificate is determined, it is necessary to state the date of issuance of the certificate according to the annex to the Decree of the ÚVZ SR. such as OTP, currently need a test. At the moment, these rules apply. “ informed the spokeswoman of the Ministry of Health Zuzana Eliášová.

According to the Minister of Health Vladimír Lengvarský, the covid automat could be changed within two weeks, so that the districts do not get into worse colors only on the basis of the number of positive people. At the same time, Lengvarský anticipates that with the arrival of the new school year, the number of people interested in vaccinations will increase.

Source: Topky / Vlado Anjel

“The number of unvaccinated people over the age of 50 is also declining. There are more districts approaching the 65 percent vaccination limit for this age group, which will allow them to move to a milder level, according to the COVID machine.” stated the director of the Institute of Health Analyzes of the Ministry of Health of the Slovak Republic Matej Mišík.

According to Elijah, however, the decree should also be amended to make the “whole process” more efficient. What exactly this means is not yet clear. “The fact is, however, that the Ministry of Health, in cooperation with the Public Health Office, is preparing a new version of the decree, which will simplify and streamline the process in this area.” Elijah added.


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