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The acting act of Kollár’s mother: Balúchová in the jojkár series… BARE BREASTS on the screen! – Topky


On Tuesday, a new daily series called Hospital appeared on the screens of Joj TV. The starring actors, but also lesser-known faces, met in it. Right in the introductory parts, the novelty was also hosted by the former superstar, today known mainly as Kollár’s mother number 9 Barbora Balúchová.

Barbora Balúchová played the daughter of an influential father in the series Hospital.

Source: Tv Joj

It is known about the blonde that she had her strengths improved in the past with silicones. However, the breasts have not yet appeared other than in the neckline. She made an exception only after 11 years … And right in the jojkár series. She played in her the daughter of an influential zinc, who longs for new silicones. However, before the doctors started surgery, the patient had to undergo an examination.

During the ultrasound examination, Barbora Balúchová showed naked breasts.
Kollár's mother's acting:

Source: Tv Joj

And just during the ultrasound, Barborine’s breasts appeared on the screens in full display. Every spectator of the jojkár’s novelty thus had a view of her completely naked flaws, even with her nipples exposed. So it seems that Balúchová threw off shyness and restraints and, as a professional actress, simply did in front of the cameras what was expected of her.

Kollár's mother's acting:

Source: Tv Joj


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