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Pyrénées-Orientales: 250 firefighters mobilized against a fire that covered 110 hectares between Maury and Tau – France 3 Régions


250 firefighters have been mobilized since the beginning of the afternoon in Fenouillèdes, between Maury and Tautavel, north-west of Perpignan, for a scrubland and conifer fire which has already covered 110 hectares. They are supported by human reinforcements from Hérault and air from the Nîmes-Garons base.

250 firefighters, supported by a water bomber helicopter, 6 Canadair and 2 Dash have been fighting since the beginning of this afternoon of August 26 against a major fire of scrubland and conifers between Maury and Tautavel, in Fenouillèdes (Pyrénées-Orientales). At 5 p.m., 80 hectares had already gone up in smoke.

Eight planes in action

While at first, the flames had covered 10 hectares, the situation seemed to worsen in the middle of the afternoon, in particular because of a tramontane blowing at 50 km / h. An aggravation which required the reinforcement of a hundred firefighters from Hérault and Gard. And the mobilization of significant air resources. Planes seen flying over the Etang de Thau towards the Pyrénées-Orientales around 4:45 p.m.

An injured firefighter

A firefighter was slightly injured, inconvenienced by the fumes. At the end of the afternoon, no homes were threatened but 2 intervention groups were pre-positioned in Estagel in case it was necessary. protect islands.

The fire of August 26, 2021 between Maury and Tautavel (Pyrénées-Orientales)

© Arnaud Richard, France 3 Occitanie / Catalan Country

Cut roads

the fire would have started along the departmental road 117, in the town of Maury. An axis that had to be cut in both directions between Estagel and Latour de France. The RD 611, 69, RD9 and 59 were also closed to traffic.

The tramontane allowed the fire to blow up several departmental roads. In particular, he spanned the Tautavel road to head north of the town of Estagel. This is where the head of fire is at 6.30 p.m., in an area that is difficult to access. And this is what worries General Jean-Pierre Salles-Mazou, director of SDIS 66: “the fire is on a hard-to-reach massif north of Estagel. The objective is that he does not descend on Estagel and that he does not go east either because there are a lot of reliefs and difficult to access areas on that side.. “

There is also a burning action which is done at the rear of the fire, with a combination of aerial means and ground burners to lock the fire and kill it.

General Jean-Pierre Salles-Mazou, Director of SDIS 66

The fire started from Maury devastated 110 hectares at 6.30 p.m. and is heading towards Estagel - 08/26/2021

The fire started from Maury devastated 110 hectares at 6.30 p.m. and is heading towards Estagel – 08/26/2021

© Arnaud Richard / FTV

Material damage

At 6.30 p.m., the fire covered 110 hectares and burned around 40. According to an initial report, a cabin burned down, a person and two herds of goats were evacuated and brought to safety.

According to the director of SDIS 66, if for the moment the fire is not yet fixed, the situation is more favorable than an hour earlier. The origin of this fire is unknown for the moment.


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