NewsWorldUnited States: the Supreme Court calls for the resumption...

United States: the Supreme Court calls for the resumption of an immigration policy initiated by Donald Trump that Joe – franceinfo


The US government can now turn to the court of appeal to win its case.

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A blow to the administration of US President Joe Biden. The United States Supreme Court said Tuesday, August 24, that an immigration policy forcing asylum seekers to wait in Mexico for their summons must be reinstated. Under former President Donald Trump’s “Stay in Mexico” program, tens of thousands of non-Mexican asylum seekers – mostly from Central America were returned across the border pending the outcome of their application.

Joe Biden’s administration quickly began to dismantle this controversial policy and had asked the Supreme Court to put the reinstatement of this controversial immigration policy on hold. But in a brief unsigned order, the highest U.S. court informs the Biden administration that “the request for a stay … is rejected”. If the case will go to an appeals court, the Department of Homeland Security said it would comply with the ruling. “in good faith”.


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