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Coach Ramsay after winning even with slight criticism: We will always find a way to make it difficult – Sports


Craig Ramsey during the D-Group Olympic Qualifiers match at the Beijing Olympics Source: TASR – Martin Baumann

BRATISLAVA – Slovak hockey players entered the Olympic qualification with a victory. In their opening match in the Bratislava D-group, they defeated Austria just 2: 1 on Thursday. Only the winner of the Bratislava event qualifies for the 2022 Olympic Games in Beijing.

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Marek Hrivík, captain of the SR: “It was a tough match, after all a lot of guys haven’t had a duel in the season yet, especially in the third period we were feeling tired and that we lack game experience. But we brought the match to a victorious end and we’re moving on. We haven’t played yet, we only rehearsed them for two days, I believe it will be better in the next match, I’m proud of the captain’s cunt, I’m trying to follow the boy’s example. It will be difficult with the Poles on Friday, they won over Belarus, they showed that they know how to play hockey. We need to prepare well for the match. “

Ján Pardavý, assistant coach of the Slovak Republic: “It felt like it was the first game of the season. It’s hard to find chemistry so fast. We had a good start, we scored a quick goal, we shot the opponent significantly. The second goal helped us. If we gave another one, it would be a quiet match. In the third period we complicated it ourselves, around the 8th-9th minute we started to invent, we gave a chance to the opponent who used it to score a contact goal. We were significantly supported by Braňo Konrád, he did not face a lot of shots, but they were all difficult. . “

Pictured is a Slovak hockey player
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Source: TASR – Martin Baumann

Branislav Konrád, goalkeeper of the Slovak Republic: “In the first period I got into it completely, in the second I stood in the goal, luckily we scored the second goal. In the third period I had a robot again, it’s a pity we didn’t score the third goal, we could break it. We managed the conclusion, we have three points, we’re moving on, I think we played good combination hockey, in the third we wanted to play creatively, offensively, but the Austrians ran for us and worked out their chances. they played the first match, it was all the more challenging. “

Martin Gernát, author of the second goal of the Slovak Republic: “For most of the players, it was the first match in a long time. The main goal was to shoot, to put everything on goal. We tried to push into the offensive zone after the second goal, but in the third period we were more passive in the five-minute passage, where the Austrians gave us a goal. We have to prepare for the Poles, today they achieved a valuable win, they scored a goal from one escape, they have a good goalkeeper. “

Craig Ramsay, SR coach: “I don’t know why we can never win easily. We will always find a way to make it harder and make it a close match. The Austrian goalkeeper caught brilliantly, we created a lot of chances to score, but we couldn’t score a goal from them. We were supposed to play it as simple as a winning goal, when we took the usual shot from a distance, in which we pushed in front of the goalkeeper. But I’m proud of the team, the players fought, they can be proud of themselves. “

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