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Vaccination of caregivers and children, 3rd dose: what to remember from Olivier Véran’s announcements –


A 3rd dose will be offered from September 13 to residents of nursing homes. (© Mufid Majnun / Unsplash)

It’s well and truly back to school, judging by the successive speeches by members of the government. After Jean Castex who unveiled the date of a 3rd dose available for nursing home residents, Jean-Michel Blanquer who has specified the conditions for the start of the school year, it was Olivier Véran’s turn to take stock of the health situation in France.

What to remember from the intervention of the Minister of Health, this Thursday, August 26, 2021, who was in the presence of François Angoulvant, pediatrician, member of the French Pediatric Society (SFP) and Odile Launay, infectious disease specialist and member of the Covid-19 vaccine committee.

Stabilization but uncertainties related to the re-entry

Coming back to the development conditions of the 4th wave in July, in the context of the diffusion of the Delta variant, Olivier Véran indicated that more than 11,000 people are currently hospitalized with Covid-19 and nearly 2,200 people are in intensive care this thursday, foreseeing a “stabilization for the days and weeks to come”, while specifying that the situation remains tense in the hospitals of Bouches-du-Rhône and Occitanie.

“The 4th wave is not yet behind us but it is tending to decrease, with an area of ​​uncertainty linked to the start of the school year,” said the minister. “In metropolitan France, we have avoided the worst,” he said, recalling that this 4th wave mainly affects “unvaccinated patients”.

Situation in Overseas

” In the West Indies, the health damage is considerable ”, regretted the minister, deploring a lack of vaccination of the population.

“We will further strengthen support and carry out other medical evacuations,” said Olivier Véran, acknowledging that it will take “several more weeks for hospital pressure to stabilize”.

Health pass

The minister also welcomed the up to 6 million tests carried out per week since the introduction of the health pass.

He recalled that the health pass made it possible to spend the summer without confinement, despite the presence of the Delta variant.

No vaccination for minors

Olivier Véran mentioned the vaccination of under 12s, not authorized until now. The studies are underway, said the minister, and they should not be concluded right away, which means that minors under 12 are not ready to be eligible for vaccination.

However, in the face of concerns, especially after the death of a newborn baby from Covid-19 in Occitania, Olivier Véran recalled that these were rare cases and that the contaminations come from adults. “To protect babies, pregnant women must be vaccinated,” he insisted.

Professor François Angoulvant then took stock of the knowledge related to the impact of the Delta variant in children. Few children are hospitalized in intensive care, noted the pediatrician, with only a few rare cases of serious cases in children. The Delta variant is thus not more severe than the previous variants according to scientific data.

To protect children, vaccination of adults and adolescents remains the best protection, he said.

50 million first-time vaccines at the beginning of September

“We will be at 50 million at the beginning of the first week of September”, then estimated Olivier Véran, satisfied despite a target of 50 million first-time vaccinated set at the end of August. “We want to go beyond”, and with the vaccination of adolescents deployed in school at the start of the school year, this figure should increase significantly.

“But the top priority is the 2 million elderly or sick French people who have not yet been vaccinated,” said the minister.

Why a 3rd dose?

Odile Launay, infectious disease specialist and member of the Covid-19 vaccine committee, then intervened to recall that a 3rd dose made sense to boost the immune system of the vaccinated, to continue to be well protected against Covid-19 by increasing “the concentration in antibody which decreases over time ”.

Offered initially to people over 65 and over and / or to the most fragile people, this recall could subsequently be offered more broadly, estimated the infectious disease specialist.

As long as we have not vaccinated the entire population, we remain at the mercy of variants.

Odile LaunayInfectious disease specialist and member of the Covid-19 vaccine committee

18 million French people affected by a 3rd dose

Are affected by this recall 18 million French people aged 65 and over or the most vulnerable, recalled Olivier Véran. Nursing home residents will be able to make this reminder from mid-September (around the 13th, or even the 11th, according to the document presented at a press conference), for a vaccination campaign that will last 4 weeks.

For other people affected by this 3rd dose, they may take appointment from Monday August 30, for a 3rd dose injection from September 1. Between the 2nd and 3rd dose, you will have to wait 6 months.

This means that most of the people concerned will have to wait “during October”. After October 23, this reminder can be done at the same time as the flu vaccination.

Olivier Véran added that this 3rd dose would have no impact on the health pass.

Vaccination of caregivers

From September 15, medical and paramedical professionals will have to justify a first injection of the vaccine to be able to continue working, said the minister. From October 15, they will have to justify a complete vaccination schedule.

“For all the others, the law will apply”, insisted the minister, indicating that there remained about ten percent of professionals not yet vaccinated to date.

“The refusal to be vaccinated will not give rise to any sick leave”, and checks will be carried out in case of doubt, he insisted, again inviting caregivers to make an appointment.

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