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A man was injured while walking over the village by a bear – SME –


This is not the first case of a meeting with a bear in the locality.

Aug 26, 2021 at 7:47 pm TASR

DÚBRAVY. The attack on the bear took place on Sunday, August 22, in the morning in Iviny, part of the village of Dúbravy in the Detva district. The young man, who was on a walk with a relative, was injured in the thigh by a bear. “The event happened about a kilometer from the village, in Hradné lúky,” Mayor Elena Grňová told TASR.

“The inhabitants of the village were attacked by a beast from behind, knocked him to the ground, stood crouched over him and roared in his ear,” the mayor explained the event. According to her, the attacker screamed, then the animal left.

“He was helped to get up by a relative who was about 200 meters away from the place of the attack at that time,” Grňová added. The man was later treated in the outpatient emergency service, his wounds had to be sutured.

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According to the mayor, after this incident, the inhabitants of the village feel threatened. “We already find bear footprints in the village’s inner city, they even recently saw them at a facility for the elderly, which is just a short walk from the municipal office,” she reminded.

Residents fear that when farmers take corn from the surrounding fields, the bears will be left without food and will become more and more aggressive.

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They found a shot bear in Iviny a month ago. According to the locals, someone probably dealt with his frequent visits in this way.


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