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Presidential 2022: Michel Barnier announces his candidacy for the primary of the right – archyde


For his supporters, he could be a kind of card “Joker” for the right. The candidate that the Republicans (LR) party did not necessarily expect but who could, according to them, bring him together for the presidential election of 2022 in a complicated context. The former European Commissioner Michel Barnier, about whom the rumors had been going well for a few months, came out of the woods, Thursday, August 26, during the “8 pm” of TF1.

“I made the decision to be a candidate for the presidential election next April”, to bring the project to the right of a “Reconciled France”, he declared at Lac du Bourget (Savoie), his chosen land. “What is important is to bring together, the right, the center, he continued. [C’est aussi de] “Limit immigration and control it”, of “Put work and merit back at the center of our society” and of “Decarbonize the economy”.

This announcement comes just hours after that of Eric Ciotti in front of Jean-Jacques Bourdin on BFM-TV. If for a long time he said he was hostile to the principle of a primary, preferring that of the “natural candidate” capable of imposing himself on others, Mr. Barnier became the fourth candidate (Valérie Pécresse and Philippe Juvin having declared themselves from summer) of an internal race which is not yet certain at this stage. A congress is due to settle this question on September 25th. Especially since Xavier Bertrand, the president of the Hauts-de-France region, considered by many to be the most serious candidate, refuses to participate. Paving the way for a potential double candidacy from the right in the presidential election.

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Work group

Mr Barnier has said it over and over again: according to him, a tight-knit team is needed where everyone has their place and that they could conveniently lead. Since completing one of the biggest post-Brexit negotiations in the history of the European Union, Barnier has seemed to see a more French fate. Back in France, he increased the number of meetings and interventions in front of elected officials. Deputies, senators or candidates for various elections – especially regional ones – received it to discuss major themes. The former minister of Jacques Chirac has, moreover, set up a working group called “Patriots and Europeans” for this purpose.

In his entourage, he is considered to be one of the most “More competent that the right has”. “With his European experience, he is in the best position to see the flaws in the system. We can be pro-European and defend France ”, explains Brigitte Kuster, deputy (LR) of Paris and support of the former elected Savoyard.

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“He ticks a lot of boxes”

In addition to skills, his supporters boast an attitude capable, according to them, of restoring serenity to the party in particular and to the country in general. “A man of listening and dialogue, he was able to negotiate six hundred treaties unanimously from the twenty-seven European countries! “, continues Mme Kuster.

“He ticks a lot of boxes”, agrees Daniel Fasquelle, mayor (LR) of Touquet-Paris-Plage, who even dares to compare with the American president, Joe Biden: “He has the ability to unite and appease a fractured country. Like Joe Biden in the United States, he has the experience, the height of vision and the international stature that one expects from a French president. “

Yet not all on the right hear it that way. Of course, the skills and experience of the former European Commissioner are unanimously recognized, but no one believes in the candidate’s chances of being elected President of the Republic. And even less to win the primary of the right. Perceived as too centrist on the political spectrum, not differentiating himself enough from Emmanuel Macron, he struggles to convince internally, where some people sometimes criticize him for being too “Professor”. “Barnier, it’s solid, it’s credible at the international level, but it’s nobody’s dream internally”, asserts, unconvinced, a prominent elected official.

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