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INTERVIEW Owner of FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce Viliam Ondrejka: We didn’t throw anyone overboard – Š


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They talk about him as a straight and pragmatic guy. He succeeded as an entrepreneur and built the football club FC ViOn on a sound foundation, which gradually got into the first league. Today, the owner of the Zlaté Moravské club and a member of the executive committee of the Slovak Football Association, Viliam Ondrejka, is celebrating his 60th birthday.

The owner of FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce and a member of the executive committee of SFZ VILIAM ONDREJKA is now in his sixties

Boast, how were you a football player? Did football connect with beer and sausage in your country, how do things go in the villages?

“I was a football fanatic. I got a relationship with him in the wreath, I have been closely connected with football since I was a child. I played my whole career under Machulinka. I made a chronicle in this village, summarized its history. I had a clever left-hander and I started the attack. I wore the number 10 everywhere, on my jersey, T-shirt, tracksuit.

Therefore they said to me, Villa 10. My precedents were the center of the wing. I always put them on the head of the top player Vladimír Červený exactly as Hrnčár showed us last season in cooperation with Balaj. That’s how we scored goals and enjoyed the victories. ”

Wasn’t it for your professional career in your case?

“Not. After military service, I got married and other duties came. I had to take care of my family and active football went to the sidelines sooner. ”

Did you have a demanding military service?

“I guaranteed Prague, so I saw a lot of football matches. I served at Prague-Kbely Airport, where Vladimír Remek was assigned as a military pilot. I cleaned the office of our first Czechoslovak cosmonaut. ”

Did you have a favorite team or players?

“My favorite club was Slovan Bratislava and among the players Karol Jokl. The former representative, who came to Tehelné pole in 1963 and lasted twelve years in a white jersey. ”

How do you remember the 1976 Golden European Championships in Belgrade?

“It simply came to our notice then. As a boy, I watched matches with my father, otherwise a big supporter of the Slavs. We held the fists of our representatives and we were really looking forward to paving the golden way and becoming European champions. ”

If your father lived, what would he say about your team competing against the Slavs in one competition?

“He would be excited, but he probably wouldn’t be able to believe that his son’s club was playing against the great Slav.”

You run a football club that stands on solid foundations and in which the people around you do not change often. Did you believe in the beginning that you would get into the first league and establish yourself on the elite scene?

“In our beginnings, when the club was formed in 1995, we didn’t look so high. We did not decide whether we will be in lower competitions or in the highest. We went humbly from match to match, until we came to the first league waters. We were just slowed down by the Tovarníky in the flight, through which we advanced in the cup on Tuesday.

But a few years ago it was about something else. We drew outside and at home we lost 3: 4 at our stadium before our visit of almost 3,000, when we led 2: 0 after the first half. The factory owners advanced, we were disappointed. We quickly shook off and walked on firmly again. ”

What is still nice for you at football?

“Positive emotion. We have the coronavirus time, there is a lot of negativism. Football brings losses, disappointments, but it is necessary to look for pros in it. That keeps me with him and also in everyday life. ”

You had multiple players in ViOn. In the spring of 2013, the then young Milan Škriniar came to you. Were you surprised how far he went?

“We had a very good cooperation with Žilina. We agreed with the possibility that Milan will be a guest with us. The beginning was difficult. If I’m not mistaken, he played for ViOn seven times in the league and only in one match with full minutes.

At the time, it didn’t look like he was going to be a European player. However, he was incredibly hardworking, persistent and responsible. You went hard for your goals. It is an example for many young players. We are pleased that he is always proud of ViOn. ”

The year 2007 was significantly recorded in the club chronicle. You advanced to the first league for the first time and triumphed in the cup. When you return to this, do you realize what a small club from Zittau has achieved?

“Sure, I think about it. I am proud that we managed to get to the highest competition, the European Cup, and we were able to welcome Zenit St. Petersburg with a Slovak footprint. ”

The coach was Ján Rosinský, a civilian teacher. Did he work like that in the team?

“As a coach, he signed up to ViOn’s greatest achievements. He is a strict and principled helmsman, always requiring discipline. I respect him very much. He had a desire to train with us and we are grateful for what he achieved and where he moved us. ”

Photo gallery

Proud grandfather with granddaughters Sarah and Alexandra.

Source: MO Archive

Soccer is financially demanding. You don’t make big transfers, everything is on your shoulders. Didn’t you hope that someone would join you and that the football cart would be better covered in a pair?

“It simply came to our notice then. I assumed that someone would join me and we would improve our work around football even better. Within the history of the club, we had some attempt at some form of cooperation. It was not the best experience. However, we have the door open and we would certainly accept a serious partner who would come to us. ”

We have never seen you “turned” to the tip of your bone, or swear hard. Were there situations that you had a hard time biting?

“I used to experience our performance in lower competitions more emotionally. The boys at the time remember that I was able to kick in the door and raise my voice. Now I take it more professionally. I know where we are, what we have achieved and what is ahead of us. Certain things annoy me, but I try to deal with it calmly and evenly. ”

What can make you angry at home football?

“Especially the fact that football is talked about more than it is done for it. An example is the recent European Championship. We made it to the final tournament, which is a success given how small a country we are. Nevertheless, many were looking for negatives. The equation is clear, how much we put into the system, how much we get. We need more funding for football to develop. ”

Have you ever said to yourself, is the football worth it at all for me to invest in it?

“I have asked this question more than once. This feeling always lasted in me until the morning, I always slept from it. ”

Past and current players of Zlaté Moraviec express themselves positively about you. In the club, you cover yourself with the financial duvet you have. Did you have indebtedness to anyone?

“Maybe so, but we have always tried to make up for it. I don’t remember throwing anyone overboard. It is true that God sometimes adds football to the feet and takes in the head, but we try to create favorable conditions for football, on a level. I think we are doing well. ”

Was there a player you knocked on the door with?

“It simply came to our notice then. I used to leave one unnamed Slovak manager. ”

Last year, our company was hit by a coronavirus. Did you, your company and the club suffer?

“Of course, the numbers were unfavorable and we didn’t miss it either. As the owner of the company and the club, I can responsibly say that the support from the state came to us and we were satisfied in this regard. ”

Can you turn off football?

“I do not have a problem with that. I live with football for exactly as much as I need. My job is to get the finances, first and foremost I have to focus on the company and the people I employ. Football is relaxation, supplement, adrenaline and positive energy. ”

Do you go fishing, do you play golf?

“I tried it on the green two or three times during my stay in South Africa, where the 2010 FIFA World Cup was held. I admit, it didn’t appeal to me at all. I’m not even if he takes a rod and stays by the water for long hours. My acquaintances wanted to make me a hunter, they didn’t succeed either. ”

Do you have any activity in which you can rest and switch off from common worries?

“I really have the greatest relaxation when I run out with the mower and give the lawn a new cut.”

You spend a lot of time playing football. Has it happened that you were returning home and found a suitcase with things in front of the door?

“I have never experienced anything like this. I have a tolerant wife, but I have to admit that when I was still playing country football, she burned my football boots twice. Football has, of course, a strong position in our family. The wife has respect for him, although sometimes she swallows. That’s when the team doesn’t succeed. He lives with it and watches broadcasts of matches. ”

What else would you like to achieve with football?

“I want him to keep filling me with positive energy, to make us happy together and to enjoy good results. Let the invested funds not miss the goals and, if possible, let us attack the highest sports goals. ”

What would you like to experience in everyday life?

“I will not overcome the world, but rather the world will overtake me. First of all, I respect family, health. I still want to enjoy ordinary and everyday things, I want to ensure that my family, once I retire, will live an equally decent life. ”

Are you thinking of handing over the scepter to your son Martin?

“My son has achieved a lot in football. He’s a fair guy and I’m proud of him. He works in a company and a club. It is not easy. He, too, is well aware that the money must first be earned before it can be used for football. ”

Photo gallery

Consecration of the chapel at the stadium in Zlaté Moravce. Viliam Ondrejka (left) with his sons Viliam and Martin (right), behind them his wife Anna and the bishop of the Diocese of Nitra Mons. Viliam Judák.

Source: MO Archive


Last October, a chapel was consecrated at the stadium in Zlaté Moravce. Historically, the first Holy Mass was celebrated in it by Mons. Viliam Judák, Bishop of the Diocese of Nitra. “I am a deep believer. All I do is a gift from God. I have experienced great trials in my life and the cross has pushed me forward. We have built a beautiful work that does not serve me, but all the people who can use the chapel for prayer, ” said Viliam Ondrejka.

The chapel is dedicated to Pope John Paul II, who left for eternity in 2005 at the age of 84. He himself was a big fan of sports. He actively skied, went hiking and loved football. In Zlaté Moravce, they plan that holy masses could also be held in the chapel during the year. They have already received an offer for a wedding.



“For me, it is a port to which I like to return and I am internally satisfied in it. Thank you for my family and background. “


“Apart from the commotion, I can do practically everything. I must say that I have enough energy to still be physically realized. My son Martin and I live on the same plot. When I walk impatiently around the windows in the morning, everyone shakes, which I will come up with again. “


“I prefer Slovak classics. Good chicken broth, which they make here at ViOn, and what my wife does too. Besides, I’m a fan of seafood. I don’t like different corkscrews on a plate when the food is like a dot in the middle of it. “


“I want to thank everyone who keeps their fingers crossed for us. I want to ask for forgiveness if I have hurt someone in my life or on football. I wish we would do such an interview for the daily Šport in ten years’ time. “


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