NewsWorldAfghanistan, interpreter in Kabul: "Very strong explosion"

Afghanistan, interpreter in Kabul: “Very strong explosion”


“A big, very strong, violent explosion. We heard it right, it came right from where the Americans were, outside the airport. My family and I were nearby with our two children, we have been four days waiting to be boarded on a flight that will take us from Kabul to Italy. Many civilians like us died, who could, like us, have fled as far as possible in a taxi “. This is the story to the Adnkronos of Sayed, a former interpreter and captain of the Afghan army, a few minutes after the attack on the airport in Kabul. “Now we are afraid, our hopes are now minimal – he says – Will we ever be able to leave the country? How could we come to Italy like this? There was already an ugly air, we know well that there is no more time here. dead and the many injured there are also civilians, people who, like us, were waiting to be able to leave “. (by Silvia Mancinelli)


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