NewsWorldDuel comparison: Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity vs Xiaomi G10

Duel comparison: Eufy HomeVac S11 Infinity vs Xiaomi G10


The Eufy Anker HomeVac S11 Infinity and the Xiaomi G10 have one thing in common and it is not the dominant color (blue for the first, orange for the second). They are both stick-format stick vacuum cleaners, whose center of gravity (made up of the engine block, filtration system and waste bin) is located close to the user’s wrist. Popularized by Dyson, this particular architecture requires a wall-mounted storage base that doubles as a charging station for the G10. This is not the case for the Infinity, which will therefore have to be connected to the adapter after hanging it on the wall; we have known more practical.

The G10 and its stick architecture.

Like the G10, the HomeVac S11 Infinity uses a removable battery system, but the box also contains two, while Xiaomi, less generous, has not provided a backup battery. In both cases and if you have bought a battery for the G10 of course, it is therefore possible to keep a battery fully charged under the elbow to avoid “dry breakdown” in the middle of a cleaning session.

Thanks to its circle which symbolizes the remaining autonomy, the Xiaomi offers an estimate of it much more precise than the Eufy, which is satisfied with a trio of diodes. Another slight advantage of the G10 over its competitor of the day, the screen displays (theoretically) the probable causes in the event of a malfunction such as a cluttered pipe, for example.

The strengths of each device.

Less anecdotal, the Xiaomi G10 also allows you to choose between fractional suction (conducive to extending the autonomy of the machine) and continuous suction (which does not tire the finger pressing the trigger). The Infinity user does not have this latitude and must therefore keep the trigger pressed throughout the cleaning session.

If both have three suction powers, the Xiaomi is a little more “intelligent” since it knows how to adapt the latter according to the surface on which it passes thanks to its stamped suction head ” Smart Torque “. The Infinity, for its part, is content to aspire to the requested power. The latter nevertheless has a leds ramp on its suction head, very practical for spotting rubbish on dark ground or under furniture. The Xiaomi G10 does not have this practical feature and it is not the mop that can be magnetically clipped behind the suction head that will make up for this lack. Indeed, it does not have an electric friction system and its fastening system, not strong enough, prevents it from being used manually for slightly encrusted spots.

The G10 mop is not useful.

Our two competitors come with a set of useful accessories. There is of course the essential brush and the long nozzle. Less common, each vacuum cleaner can be equipped with an electric mini-brush intended, among other things, to clean the seats and cushions of the sofas. The Eufy Anker HomeVac S11 also benefits from a flexible suction tube.

However, due to its wall base that can serve as a charging base, its adaptive suction power system, but above all thanks to the possibility of switching from fractional operation to continuous fractionation, the Xiaomi G10 wins. the first point.


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