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VIDEO – “All women cover their bodies”: rush on abayas and burqas in Kabul – LCI


EXCLUSIVE REPORT – In Afghanistan, each passing day allows us to better understand how the Taliban exercise their power, especially over women, more and more numerous to cover themselves in clothing imposed by the Islamists. A TF1 team present on site tells us.

Since their arrival in the capital ten days ago, the Taliban have been everywhere and are monitoring the population. With the return of Sharia law, women had to swap skirts for the burqa. It is no coincidence that the full-face sail business is the one that currently works best in Kabul. “All women want to buy abayas to cover their bodies because of the Taliban”, assures Sami, the manager, in the TF1 report at the top of this article.

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Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban

For men, the scenes are identical: they are now forced to wear Islamic attire, so the costume store has decided to close its doors indefinitely.

A little further down the street, the barber has chosen to remain open. He sees many customers coming. “The Taliban haven’t asked us not to cut our beards yet, but I’m afraid that will change. We don’t know what they’re up to.” A customer present on site is pessimistic: “There is no more work, no more money and now we see families who can no longer buy food, it is very serious.”

Resigned youth

The same unease and the same anxiety in one of the few cafes still open. Before, it was a very lively place for young people, girls and boys, with music. “For the moment, this cafe is still open, we just came to say hello with our friends, but we don’t hang around, we leave quickly, we don’t feel safe”, confides a regular.

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The hours are now counted to leave Kabul. While the Americans have said they want to withdraw their troops from Afghanistan on August 31, fearing for their safety, countries repatriating their expatriates are now in a race against time.

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