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VIDEO: The leader of the second league failed in Trebatice. The captain of the home team shot down Petržalka with an exhibition goal – Š


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After three rounds of the fourth league of the SZ group with two losses and a draw, the Trebatíc footballers are in fifteenth place. However, this did not prevent them from taking care of the surprise in the 2nd round of the Slovak Cup on Wednesday. They defeated the second league player with the famous name FC Petržalka 2: 1 on their own turf.

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Advancing to the 3rd round and the right to compete with the fortunal league representative FC ViOn Zlaté Moravce won for a village with 1350 inhabitants Ľuboš Miklovič with a goal from a direct kick. Sportnet informed about it.

“We experience indescribable feelings. It’s something amazing. We have fulfilled our dream.” said Captain Trebatíc Miklovič, who works in construction. The quarter-league team also includes salesmen, drivers and students. “I didn’t expect us to beat the pros. I’ve never played against a second league team in my life, so it’s the biggest success of my career.” added Miklovič.

Jozef Svetlík, President of OFK Trebatice, was also extremely satisfied after the unexpected procedure. “It’s a historic success of the club. Our players are amateurs, they play without the right to a fee. The fact that they beat the pros is a big deal. The league players complain that they have English weeks. What should we say? We have 18 teams in the competition September 1st and 15th. And the cup. The guys have civilian jobs, so it will be physically demanding. But we can do it somehow. “ quotes Svetlík web

The duel against Zlaté Moravce in the 3rd round of the Slovnaft Cup will be exceptional for football in Trebatice. “This will be the biggest match in the club’s 90-year history. We welcomed Slovan or Trnava in a friendly match, but we never played against the league player in the competition. It will be a big holiday for the whole village. We have to prepare with dignity.” stated the mayor of Trebatíc Juraj Valo.

Trebatice is also known for the Jozef Adamec Football Youth Center, which they founded together with the neighboring villages of Krakovany and Borovce. “Our priority is to work on our own offspring, we recently incorporated seven of them into the school. We need to realize that the future is children. We still have 11 youth teams and we will see what happens next,” Valo concluded.

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