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VIDEO: What did it look like at the Marquis Party of the 25th? The unmissable Dara Rolins, Mária Čírová scored again –


Markíza Television is celebrating its 25th anniversary, and on this occasion, the most famous faces of the screen came together on the banks of the Danube. It was clear that the desire to have fun after such a long time, the guests did not hide and enjoyed a pleasant evening in the company of acquaintances and colleagues from the industry.

FEMINITY TV: Television Markíza celebrates 25 years, see what it looked like at a party full of stars

Dara Rolins

Pop diva Dara Rolins he has no competition in his dance shows on the Czech-Slovak scene. The energetic singer unites generations and is the idol of many young girls.

Mária Čírová

Singer Mária Čírová came alongside her long-term husband, musician Marián Kachút. They were also kept company by children – the oldest Hugo and Zoe, who played Dads in the series and thus fulfilled their girl’s dream. Maria recently gave birth to her youngest son Ruben.

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Adela Vincze

Absolutely the best Slovak presenter Adela Vincze she was accompanied by her husband, moderator Viktor Vincz. Since the couple are together, they have gained even more sympathy. They are both engaged in enlightening and advancing our thinking and doing it really well. Follow them on Instagram.

Lucia Hlaváčková

The moderator of the evening was Lucia Hlaváčková. The granddaughter of Old Hlaváček and the sister of the well-known top model Michaela Hlaváčková is an interesting new face.

Gabriela Marcinková

Actress Gabriela Marcinková shines on the screen in the lead role in the series Mr. Professor. The actress has several years of experience, which is reflected in her acting performances.

Tomáš Maštalír

Favorite actor Tomáš Maštalír stars on the TV screen in the series Mr. Professor. Female audiences are always attracted to screens.

Vladimir Kobielsky

Actor Vladimír Kobielsky plays in the series Fathers and together with his colleagues he won the favor of the audience from the very beginning. The fact that Slovak series have a level is also evidenced by this series.

Matúš Kolárovský, Krištof Králik and Martin Klinčúch

A new generation of actors appearing in the series Mr. Professor. Martin Klinčúch and Matúš Kolárovský recently released a musical song called Rosetta Stone.

Marián Čekovský

Musician, singer, composer, comedian and moderator Marián Čekovský will once again appear as a judge of the Czech-Slovak SuperStar. Marián is one of the most talented artists of our time. Hats off for his every performance.

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Patricie Pagáčová

Czech actress Patricia Pagáčová will once again sit in the SuperStar jury chair, this time as a new mother. At the party on the occasion of the 25th birthday of Television Markíza, this was very useful to her.


Jana Kirschner joined forces with Separ and presented the song Say It Out Loud, which was created in collaboration with the Markíza Foundation and its project Write to You. Rapper Separ is popular among the younger generation and has an impact on it more than anyone else.

Filip Tůma

Actor Filip Tůma is one of the central characters of the series Dads. Most of them gathered at a party of famous television and enjoyed a pleasant evening in the company of not only colleagues but also acquaintances.

Braňo Deák

Actor Braňo Deák came to celebrate the 25th birthday of Marquis and had fun in the company of actors, colleagues from the industry. The representative of the series Dads has not changed over the years and his charisma is always attractive to the viewer.

Monika Hilmerová

Actress Monika Hilmerová has been one of the years most popular faces TV screen. At the TV party, Markíza came in a dress that revealed her tip-top legs.

Kristínu Kövešová

There is no one in Slovakia who does not know the ambitious editor Kristína Kövešová, who is fighting for justice. The Marquis’s investigative editor makes it clear that she lives for a more beautiful world.

Matthias Settele

TV CEO Markíza Matthias Settele is always laughing and enjoying the relaxed atmosphere.

More personalities who visited the celebration of the 25th birthday of Television Markíza can be found in the GALLERY.

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