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SaS MP Žiak initiates Blaha and Taraba for “horalka case” –


Miroslav Žiak, a member of the Sloboda a Solidarita (SaS) party, turned to the Committee of the National Council of the Slovak Republic for incompatibility of functions to decide whether members of parliament Ľuboš Blaha (Smer) and Tomáš Taraba (unclassified) violated the constitutional law on public interest protection. imposed a fine of twelve times their monthly salary.


On the left Tomáš Taraba and Ľuboš Blaha

The reason is the negative advertising they spread about well-known biscuits. Marie Stracenská from the SaS communication department informed about it.

“Members are public officials and as such are to promote and protect the public interest. Public, not your personal. They may not use their name and face for advertising – or anti-advertising. What Blaha and Taraba did during the “mountain case” was quite an example of anti-advertising, “commented Žiak.

According to Žiak, it is clear from the accounts on the social networks of both mentioned deputies that they spread negative advertising. “According to the lawyers I communicate with, both Blaha and Taraba presented an aversion to IDC Holding’s products. Ľuboš Blaha threw biscuits in the trash, both of them called for a boycott and not to buy specific products, “said the SaS deputy.

According to him, both Blaha and Taraba presented their personal opinion on the topic of vaccination against covid in connection with the negative advertising of Pečivární Sereď products and thus used their person, name and photos to negatively advertise their products. “I think that they presented their personal interest, especially in order to gain political points,” concluded Žiak.

MEPs Taraba and Blaha responded to a call on the social network for people not to buy familiar biscuits after one of the co-owners of a company that makes biscuits said that those who are vaccinated should go where they want and whoever is not should sit at home.


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