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Daniel Balavoine: his daughter Joana, ex-drug addict, tells how her inheritance sank him


Daughter of Daniel Balavoine, Joana reveals herself without make-up about her long years of addiction which began when she touched the legacy left by the late singer who died in 1986, when she was not yet born.

It is a tragedy that has left the French song in mourning. In January 1986, while he was on the Paris-Dakar race, Daniel Balavoine tragically died in a helicopter crash at the age of 33. At home, his wife Corinne is then pregnant with their second child, a girl named Joana who will never know his father. However, that will not prevent her from following in her footsteps by embracing her too, and like her brother Jérémie before her, a career in music, becoming the singer of the group Gentle Republic. And if she is now appeased and is preparing to release a comic entitled Les lion endormis, Daniel Balavoine’s daughter has long fought against a very strong addiction to drugs.

“Fell in very young”, Joana Balavoine started with cannabis at the age of 16 before turning to hard drugs a few years later. I inherited, I was completely lost, I had no notion of the truth as of the reality. And I plunged into cocaine, she confided in an interview with Paris Match, on newsstands Thursday August 26. Drug addict for 14 years, Daniel Balavoine’s daughter today refuses to blame others, and even to settle accounts with her family, admitting that during her years of addiction, her relations with her relatives were very damaged. There are times I’ve been violent, times when I was unpleasant, others when I lied “, she admits today.

What was the trigger for Joana Balavoine?

Despite everything well surrounded, it was her music teacher, Fabrice, who was the trigger for Joana Balavoine, who subsequently decided to treat her addictions by seeing that she could lose foot in her passion for music because of drugs. I was wasting away physically, I cried too often, she blurted out. While his teacher had told him that he was reaching the end of his limits and that he was going to have to stop giving him lessons, Daniel Balavoine’s daughter took charge. “His words overwhelmed me. This fear drove me to see a doctor.”, she explains to Paris Match. After five appointments at the Elsa Center, she finally became aware of her problem and then went into treatment at the hospital.

Stayed with a friend after leaving the cure, Joana Balavoine imposed itself “a healthy rhythm of life”, followed by an addictologist and a psychologist, she notably cut ties with certain people around her, and this to start again on a good basis, she who has not touched drugs for three years now. Today I have no reason to take drugs. I organized myself to lead a healthy lifestyle. I play sports, I take care of my garden, my vegetable patch “, she says, more “ready” than ever to get into music.

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