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United States: justice confirms death sentence of Dylann Roof, author of the racist killing of Charles – franceinfo


The young extremist was sentenced for the first time in early 2017 to the death penalty.

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In the United States, a federal court of appeal confirmed, Wednesday, August 25, the death sentence of Dylann Roof. The latter, convinced a supremacy of white men, coldly slaughtered nine black parishioners from a church in South Carolina in 2015. A massacre that shocked the planet.

“No clinical summary or in-depth legal analysis can fully account for the atrocity of Roof’s act. His crimes place him under the harshest sentence a just society can deliver.”, concluded the judges of the court of Richmond, in their judgment rendered unanimously.

Before the court of appeal, Dylann Roof’s lawyers tried to get his sentence quashed, arguing that the trial judge should never have granted the accused’s request to insure himself his defense. But the appellate magistrates swept this argument aside.

The young extremist was sentenced in early 2017 to the death penalty, without having expressed regret or apologies. The convict, now 27 and held in a penitentiary, is not at risk of execution in the short term, as President Biden’s administration last month imposed a moratorium on federal executions.


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