NewsWorldCzech actress Zdenka Procházková, film Lída Baarová, has died

Czech actress Zdenka Procházková, film Lída Baarová, has died


At the age of 95, the Czech actress Zdenka Procházková died on Wednesday evening. She has performed in prestigious Prague theaters, she has also starred in the series Arabel, The Surgery in the Rose Garden or The Hospital on the Outskirts of the City, where she played Viktor Preiss’ mother.

She played Lída Baarová in a film by director Filip Renč and also acted in The Last Aristocrat.

The news server brought the information on Thursday.

This classy actress was a legend on the silver screen. Recently, viewers have been able to see her in the film Lída Baarová. In it, she embodied the First Republic star, whom she knew personally, at an advanced age.

She had a home in Prague and Vienna

Procházková played the piano and belonged to a small number of artists who spoke both Czech and German. During her 40 years in German-speaking countries, the actress also settled abroad, having a home in Prague and Vienna, writes

In the 1960s, the native of Prague received an offer from important German theaters, after 1968 she played in the famous Viennese Burgtheater. She has also performed in Berlin and Cologne, preparing a cycle of reading for authors of Prague’s German literature for the Austrian Cultural Institute.

For 17 years she worked on the stages of the Municipal Theaters of Prague

The actress used to be a guest at the National Theater, she worked on the stages of the Prague City Theaters for 17 years. Her acting partners were Oldřich Nový and Karel Höger, who also became her life partner and first husband.

When she married an Austrian citizen for the second time, she was dependent on foreign stages. After her husband’s death in the first half of the 1990s, she traveled between Prague and Vienna.

She has also appeared in films from the 1950s and 1960s, such as Dead Among the Living, A Week in a Quiet House, The Lost Face, Nezlob Kristino and Z můj života. She was particularly impressed by her performance at the World’s Fair in 1958 in Brussels, where she performed the Laterna Magika in a trilingual way. In the 80’s, she played a mysterious lady in the horror film Vampire from Ferat by director Juraj Herz.

Krstená Vltava

She felt at home in the Czech Republic and Austria. She spoke of herself that she was “of course Czech” born in Prague and baptized by the Vltava.

In 2003, he received the Artis Bohemiae amicis – Friends of Czech Art medal in Vienna for spreading the good name of Czech culture abroad. Two years ago, she won the Thalia Award for her acting performance in a radio play for her main role as Rozálie Lautmanová in the radio play Obchod na korze.

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