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The explanations of the Afghan refugee sentenced to 10 months in prison for leaving his hotel – BFMTV


On Wednesday evening, justice sentenced an Afghan refugee, who had recently arrived in Paris, to ten months in prison for having left the surveillance zone imposed on him by the Ministry of the Interior. He tried to explain himself to the hearing, without convincing.

Welcomed by France who evacuated him from Kabul, Ahmad, 30, was taken into police custody shortly after his arrival on Monday. Judged in immediate appearance, he was sentenced Wednesday evening to ten months suspended sentence.

The reason? The returnee did not respect the perimeter of the surveillance zone to which the Ministry of the Interior had constrained him, leaving, without any permission, the hotel of Noisy-le-Grand, in Seine-Saint-Denis, where he was supposed to reside under the “individual administrative control and surveillance measure” (micas) to which he was subject.

He had indeed been surprised in a grocery store in the 18th arrondissement of Paris. He did try to establish his good faith at the hearing but, if his explanations were not convincing, they help to clarify the circumstances of the case and the profile of the convicted person.


It was first for Ahmad to justify his illegal Parisian escapade. “You say you were sick – headache, vomiting – and wanted to buy some medicine. Is that right?” introduced the president of the tribunal.

“Yes, my neighbor told me we were going for an errand. I told him I had a headache. He said, ‘Come with me’. We took the train. ‘said:’ Don’t worry ‘”, he replied from his cubicle where he was assisted by an interpreter.

The intervention of his lawyer, Alice Ouaknine, in front of our camera on the sidelines of the session underlined the somewhat tortuous nature of these explanations: “His version of his is that he was ill, wanted to buy drugs and that suddenly, he had been accompanied by someone who knew Paris better than him. Although he did, he made it clear that he had no intention of going to Paris. “

He calls himself the son of a policeman and a prosecutor

A story that becomes even more confused when we know that, heard by the investigators, the neighbor in question assured that it was Ahmad, on the contrary, who had come to find him to ask him to follow him to Paris where he counted go to “buy SIM cards”.

The tribunal only sat to judge the refugee’s failure to respect his “micas”. But it is difficult to ignore the problem that is reflected in the background of the file examined by the courts: because if Place-Beauvau had it in mind initially, it is because the man is suspected, alongside four other individuals, of maintain ties with the Taliban.

The stake for him was therefore also to exonerate himself on this point. He claimed to have nothing of a sympathizer of the new lords of Kabul, and on the contrary to have wanted to flee the Afghan capital with his wife and his daughter, for fear of being pursued and persecuted by his last because of his condition- civilian and his service record. He thus presented himself as “the son of a policeman” and himself exercising the profession of prosecutor.

Robin verner BFMTV reporter


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