NewsWorldTrump remains banned from Facebook

Trump remains banned from Facebook


Trump stays out of Facebook. The confirmation of the announcement of January 7 last arrived today from the Supervisory Body of the board of the creature of Mark Zuckerberg and also concerns Instagram. The removal from social media of the former US president was decided, after his stance on the assault on Congress by his supporters. “In any case, it is not appropriate for Fb to impose indefinite and indefinite indefinite suspensions”, however, reads the board’s website. To stem the ban, he is also banned from Twitter, Trump himself has launched a new site, “a platform for communication”, developed by the digital services company Campaign Nucleus. It is, they explain in the presentation video, a “communication platform” that will publish documents “directly from the desk” of Joe Biden’s predecessor. And that it will be “a place to speak freely and safely” in a “moment of silence and lies”, as we read on the same site. “A beacon of freedom arises. A place to talk freely and safely”, says the presentation video of the new platform.

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