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Charlie was the heart of the Rolling Stones, no one will replace him –


Charlie’s musical life was different from the beginning than it is in most bands that start hectically and go through different periods together. Charlie Watts started playing with the biggest blues band in London, Alexis Korner, and he liked jazz. He gained his inimitable feeling when he played jazz records at home and also had his jazz grouping alongside the Rolling Stones.

08/25/2021 15:10

Photo: SITA / Amy Harris

Charlie Watts Charlie Watts (center behind the drums), Ronnie Wood (left) and Keith Richards (right) during the Rolling Stones concert in New Orleans in July 2019.

He liked jazz very much, he never gave up and that was what took the Rolling Stones to another level. From a musical point of view, it seems to be a bit “behind”, but very sophisticated, and in conjunction with Keith Richards as the band’s second driving force, they created a unique combination that fit together perfectly.

Obit Charlie Watts Read more Charlie Watts, drummer of the Rolling Stones, died

Thanks to that, the debut album Stones was already fully mature, to hear it from the first tones and it was valid all the time, until now. Charlie Watts was unique, hearing it in specific Rolling Stones songs like Jumpin ‘Jack Flash, Honky Tonk Women, Gimme Shelter, Start Me Up or later Love Is Strong, Anybody Seen My Baby.

Laco Lučenič Photo: TASR

Laco Lučenič Laco Lučenič

Playing in a band like the Stones is an absolute feat, and Charlie also went through a period of drug and alcohol addiction in the ’80s. He got it from Keith Richards, who knew about it as the object of the devil’s Stones image – and that’s not true.

Charlie Watts had an overview, in the footage from the concerts and in the clips you can see how he smirks at the performance of the band and the fans and plays his own, reliably, unchanging and absolutely great. All he needed was a large glass board that really displayed the playlist in large letters – but not until the 1990s.

He was a typical English gentleman, had one and the same wife all his life, did not have a normal musical life, and neither did a Stonemason. He dressed brilliantly in austere and elegant English style.

But when the drunken Mick Jagger called him in the middle of the night with the words “Where is my drummer?”

No one doubted Charlie, even though Mick Jagger wanted to limit himself to the Rolling Stones, it didn’t concern Charlie. A drummer like him is irreplaceable for the band, no one can play it like him. There are songs that I think are the most important, such as Honky Tonk Women.

Honky Tonk Women

Charlie was very versatile, he had some very important ideas for the band. Although he was not the author of the most famous logo with his tongue out, he did graphics on several records, co-created the stage for concerts, for example at one time at concerts they moved to a small club stage and from there played things that belong there.

He also knew very well about antiques, focused on the American war between the North and the South, and many asked him for advice as an expert.

What will be the future of the Rolling Stones without Charlie Watts? They were planning an American tour, but it’s, as far as I know, canceled. Steve Jordan, who is not quite outside the band, was supposed to jump in for Charlie because of his illness, he played with Keith Richards in his own projects.

So if the Rolling Stones are still playing together, they’ll probably be with him, but there won’t be four on the posters, but three, Charlie’s place will be left blank. Charlie Watts is irreplaceable, Charlie Watts is the heart of the Rolling Stones.


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