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Merkel can be replaced by Olaf Scholz. Who is it? –


After 15 years, the Social Democrats have overtaken the CDU, they may have an office.

BERLIN. Hamburgers are also known by German standards as people who are not so easily inspired. And not at all when some of the politicians come to them.

Except for one. When Social Democrat candidate Olaf Scholz was walking through the streets of Germany’s second-largest city as part of the campaign a few weeks ago, people spoke to him and showed with their thumbs up that they had not forgotten his work at the head of the town hall. writes the Financial Times.

“I’m sure he gets my vote,” auditor Marvin Reimers told Scholz’s autograph. “He was a great mayor and he will be a great office.”

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Reimers is not the only one who would like to see Scholz as the new chancellor after the September elections. In a country where the Christian Democrats (CDU) have had their office since 2005, that would be a big change.

If elected directly …

This year, however, Angela Merkel is no longer running for office, and the space is also opening up for Scholz. A recent ARD survey showed that if the Germans elected the office directly, Scholz would win with 35 percent. He ended up behind him with 20 percent of Merkel’s successor at the helm CDU Armin Laschet.

The problem for Scholz, however, may be the fact that the Germans do not elect an office directly, but elect parties. And the Social Democrats (SPD) have long lagged behind the CDU.

“That’s why I tell the Germans that if they want me as an office, they will have to vote for the SPD,” he told the Financial Times. In recent days, people seem to be responding to his message.


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