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Nirvana: the baby of the famous album cover files a complaint against the group –


Created in 1987 and dissolved in 1994, Nirvana is one of the grunge groups most popular in the world. Here is that 30 years after the release of Nevermind, the famous baby on the cover from the album decided to wear complaint against the group for child pornography.

A complaint against Nirvana

The cover of Nevermind is certainly the most popular of all in the rock world. She shows a naked baby swimming underwater towards a dollar bill hanging on a fishing rod. But Spencer Elden, the famous baby, just lodged a complaint Tuesday against Nirvana for child pornography, 30 after the album was released.

The lawsuit, which was filed in Federal Court in Los Angeles, targets the Nirvana group, several record companies, artistic directors, photographer Kirk Weddle as well as the estate of Kurt Cobain, the singer.

The 17 accused are accused of having violated several federal laws relating to child pornography, and for causing him “a life of suffering“by spreading its image around the world. Taken in an aquatic center in Pasadena in 1990, the photo reveals the genitals of Spencer Elden, then 4 months old. The young man recently claimed that:

His identity and legal name are forever linked to the commercial sexual exploitation he experienced as a minor and which has been distributed and sold around the world since he was a baby until today. “

In his complaint, lawyers for Spencer Elden explains that the defendants “have knowingly produces, possesses, markets and promotes child pornography starring Spencer Elden, and knowingly received money in return.

Separately, Spencer Elden claims his parents never signed a discharge authorizing the use of the photo, and that he has never received financial compensation. He also adds that the music industry has resorted to child pornography as “an element to promote the record, often used in the music industry to attract attention.

Damages for Spencer Elden

Now 30, Spencer Elden claims 150,000 dollars, or 128,000 euros, from each of the 17 accused, or damages in the amount not mentioned, and to be determined during the trial.

Released in 1991, the album Nevermind of the Nirvana group has achieved worldwide success and in 2016, Spencer Elden had also celebrated the 25th anniversary of the album by reproducing the cult photo. On this occasion, the young man had also declared to the New York Post:

This anniversary is important for me. It’s cool and at the same time strange to tell myself that this photo I took when I was four months old has become an iconic image for a whole generation.

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