NewsWorldIsrael, military sources: "Ceasefire conditions are being evaluated"

Israel, military sources: “Ceasefire conditions are being evaluated”


Israel is evaluating the conditions for ending the military campaign in Gaza. This was reported by an Israeli military source quoted by the Times of Israel and other Israeli media. Although Israel is preparing, if necessary, for “other days” of bombing, “we are considering the right time for a ceasefire,” the military source said. Read also According to Channel 12, Israel’s security cabinet could meet in the next few hours, at the latest tomorrow morning, to discuss the possibility of a ceasefire with the Gaza Strip. In fact, political pressures are growing within the Israeli government to put an end to the military campaign against Hamas and the Gaza Strip. And in order “not to waste what the Israeli defense forces have achieved so far”, the media specify, however, the Israeli Defense Ministry has ruled out the possibility of an imminent ceasefire. “The IDF operation (the Israeli armed forces) is continuing at full speed. There is no ceasefire on the table yet,” an Israeli government official told the BBC. Netanyahu Israel aims “to reach a state of deterrence against Hamas to bring the fighting to an end”, but “does not rule out other options”. This is what Israeli Prime Minister Benyamin Netanyahu said to about seventy diplomats and ambassadors received at Kirya’s military headquarters in Tel Aviv. This was reported by the Times of Israel, according to which diplomats from the United States, the EU, Russia, China, India, Germany, Austria, Australia, Japan, Brazil, Canada and Italy were present, among others. The Israeli Foreign Minister Gabi Ashkenazi was also present at the meeting. According to Netanyahu, the origin of the current crisis is the cancellation of the Palestinian elections. “Hamas used the events of Jerusalem Day and the situation in Sheikh Jarrah to advance its interests,” he said.



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