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Salary increases of between 29 and 57 euros net monthly for teachers in 2022 – archyde


The Minister of National Education, Jean-Michel Blanquer, presented to the unions, Wednesday, August 25, the details of the envelope of 245 million euros for the 2022 budget intended for the revaluation of teachers’ incomes: the bonuses will range from 29 euros net per month for mid-career teachers to 57 euros for the youngest.

The scenario adopted – which will be presented by Mr. Blanquer at his back-to-school press conference on Thursday – is the one that concerns the most teachers (58%), according to teachers’ unions interviewed by Agence France-Presse (AFP).

The minister proposes for next year “An increase ranging from 57 euros net monthly for new holders with one to two years of service to 29 euros net per month for teachers with fourteen to twenty-two years of career”, according to Snalc (secondary), SNES-FSU and the Teachers’ Union (UNSA). This upgrading benefits primary and secondary teachers (middle and high schools).

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Extra boost

At the end of May, the Minister of Education announced an increase in teachers’ salaries in 2022. An additional boost after an increase of 400 million in the budget in 2021. This new increase was decided after the holding of the Grenelle for education : for three months, various workshops were held in order to “Reflect on the modernizations of national education”.

“This scenario at least has the advantage of affecting the most teachers, that’s what we were asking for from the start”, reacted Jean-Rémi Girard, from Snalc.

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Contrary to the desire displayed by Mr. Blanquer to make the teaching profession more attractive, this scenario places little emphasis on the beginnings of a career. French teachers’ salaries are 7% lower at the start of their careers than the average for Organization for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD) countries.

For Mr. Blanquer, the goal is to“Arrive as quickly as possible at 2,000 euros net per month for the youngest teachers”, he insisted during a press conference at the end of May.

To allow a targeted increase at the start of a career, the 2021 budget of the ministry had been increased by 400 million euros. These first increases were paid three months ago. The monthly premium ranges from 36 euros net per month for professors with between eleven and fifteen years of seniority to 100 euros net monthly for new staff.

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