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A man who wanted to help the injured also died in an accident on the D1 near Ilava –


A man who wanted to help people in a crashed car also died in a tragic car accident on Tuesday’s D1 motorway near Ilava.

As the Trenčín Regional Police Spokeswoman Danka Adámiková informed, the accident occurred on the D1 motorway in the cadastre of the town of Ilava. The driver of the Subaru car went into the ditch off the road for unknown reasons.

“According to the information obtained so far, a passing road user came to provide first aid to the people in the crashed car, while at that time a Alfa Romeo driver probably crashed into a Subaru vehicle due to a skid. The assisting man and one participant in the accident suffered injuries on the spot. Two other people suffered minor injuries, “said Adamikova.

She added that the test for alcohol in both drivers was negative. A police investigator has prosecuted the offense. The exact cause as well as the degree of fault is investigated by the police.

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