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How to put dark mode on Snapchat – Frandroid


Snapchat’s dark mode allows users to enjoy the app with a black background for the greatest pleasure and comfort of its users. We will walk you through how to activate Snapchat’s dark mode.

How to activate Snapchat’s dark mode

The famous app Snapchat switched to dark mode. The latter responds as much to an aesthetic need as to a need for comfort for snapchateurs. It is very easy to activate black background on iOS (iPhone). On Android, handling is a bit more complex. We detail here the two ways to do this depending on the OS of your smartphone.

How to activate Snapchat dark mode on iOS

Launch Snapchat after making sure you have the latest version.

  • Tap the icon of your profile on the top corner left.

How to put dark mode on Snapchat

  • Then select the icon Settings on the top corner left.

How to put dark mode on Snapchat

  • In the list that appears, choose App appearance.

How to put dark mode on Snapchat

  • You can now choose between Always clear, Still dark and Same as the system.
  • If you opt for Still dark, your Snapchat will always be in dark mode.

How to put dark mode on Snapchat

How to activate Snapchat dark mode on Android

Currently, Snapchat does not natively offer dark mode on Android. However, there are tips – it’s a hack – to activate it that we will explain below. The first technique is to force dark mode for all the apps installed on your smartphone.

  • See you in the Settings on your smartphone, then on Screen (or Display) and turn on dark mode.
  • Then activate developer options (you have to tap repeatedly on the build number of your smartphone)
  • Open developer options, then scroll until you find the line Force dark mode.
  • Then launch Snapchat, if dark mode is activated you can stop there.

It may not work, but don’t despair. There is still a solution that asks you to uninstall Snapchat first to reinstall an older version. Warning, we do not recommend this method, as it robs you of the most recent grind and, theoretically, the most secure and complete in terms of functionality. If, however, you want to take the risk, you will need, since your Web browser, go to the site Snapchat uptodown.

This site references old versions of Snapchat and allows you to download them. Locate the version Beta of July 9, 2019. Download it before installing and launching it. Normally, your Snapchat will then go into dark mode. Again, this is not a recommended method.

There are also alternative solutions that use third-party apps, but your smartphone must be rooted for this to work. We will not detail these processes here.

If you want to get rid of this application, you will have to turn instead to our tutorial explaining how to delete your Snapchat account.

Want to quit Snapchat, but don’t know how to deactivate your account? We explain how to delete your Snap account, from a browser or from the iOS or Android application.
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