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Will the vaccinated person get 400,000 euros from the lottery? Matovic is preparing an opinion –


Vaccinated Zuzana, who lost 400,000 euros in the vaccination lottery due to slower internet, has a moral right to win. This was announced by Minister of Finance Igor Matovic.

According to him, she fulfilled everything that was required. He added that he was waiting for the final opinion of lawyers.

“The legal department of the Ministry of Finance is preparing a final opinion on whether we can give it a win or not,” Matovič clarified, adding that they could give an opinion as early as this week.

The role of the vaccine lottery

The vaccine lottery fulfills its role. Its priority was to reward the vaccinated, the mission to promote vaccination is mainly the Ministry of Health (MH) SR. This was announced by the Minister of Finance Igor Matovič (OĽANO) after the government meeting, stating that it is an effective minute.

“The lottery has never been announced as a means of increasing vaccination. The lottery was announced as a means of rewarding the vaccinated, “Matovic said. He thinks it is a very effective minute money, because the vaccinated people, according to him, will save the state budget hundreds of millions of euros.

At the same time, the Ministry of Finance did not have the same rhetoric before the launch of the lottery than the words of the Minister today:

“In this way, we want to motivate those who have not yet decided to vaccinate, as well as reward people who are responsible,” the ministry said. before the start of the lottery registration in early August.

Significant numbers of new vaccinees are not expected

However, according to him, the new share of people who will be vaccinated for this will not be “significant”.

At the government meeting, he also expressed the conviction that Slovakia is not doing the right thing in the way it is preparing for the third wave of the pandemic. “I think we are taking a lot of risks and someone seems to have decided that we are going to defeat Slovakia,” says Matovič.

At the same time, he noted that the Ministry of Health was asking for money for the campaign, while the Ministry of Finance wanted a plan and a proposal for a new campaign from him. “In the meantime, we have provided the money to the ministry and the ministry has not launched any new campaign, as far as I know,” he added.

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