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Kia Sportage: These are the first sketches of the European version from Žilina. She will be really different! –


Do you feel that you already know the fifth generation of Kie Sportage? It’s not quite like that. For the first time in history, the European version will be different from the Asian version. And it’s not just about retouching. It will be produced in Žilina.

Photo: Kia

Kia Sportage EU – 2022 The European version of the Kie Sportage will be much more dynamic. He will take over the boomerang daytime lights from the Asian version, but he will also receive a new bumper and mask. The new logo is a matter of course.

Kia introduced the fifth generation Sportage SUV in early June. And the one for India last November. However, none of them will go to Europe. For the first time in history, Kia will offer a specific version for the old continent. In the end, it did not hide it, but many thought that the European Sportage would only be a finely modified derivative of the fifth generation. But in the end, there is a big surprise. The first published sketches suggest that Sportage will be completely autonomous for European customers. In terms of design and dimensions. So if you didn’t like Korean Sportage with its expressive lines much, there is a chance for a repair.

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Kia says the European version will have a more compact and “adventurous” profile, while remaining true to the design language “unity of opposites”. It is to be the most dynamic and stylish SUV in its segment. However, the boomerang daytime running lights will remain, the third side window will disappear from the profile, replacing the spiritedly designed pillar, the entire rear will be more compact, and the premiere black roof will further accentuate the sharp lines of the profile. The dimensions should be close to the Hyundai Tucson, which means that the European version will be about 160 mm shorter compared to the Asian version, with a total length of around 4.5 meters.

It seems that the European Sportage will be about something ... Photo: Kia

Kia Sportage EU – 2022 It seems that the European Sportage will be a bit more compact. At the back, the third side window disappeared and was replaced by a sharply shaped pillar. The contrasting black roof also has its premiere.

Kia has not revealed more about Sportage yet. In any case, it will be on the new N3 platform and will have a common technique with the Korean version. We can also start from the sister Hyundai Tucson. Under the hood, we expect an electrified mild-hybrid device with a 48V starter-generator in combination with 4-cylinder 1.6 T-GDi (110, 132 kW) or diesel 1.6 CRDi (100 kW). The portfolio will undoubtedly include 7-speed dual-clutch transmissions as well as i-MT manual transmissions with an automatic clutch, which enables sailing with a gear engaged.

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There is no doubt about the HTRAC ATV. As well as a full-hybrid with a 44 kW electric motor and a plug-in hybrid with a total output of up to 195 kW. An innovative curved display from the electric Kie EV6 should appear in the cab. Kia also promises the latest driver assistance systems. We will learn more about the news in a few days. The world virtual premiere is scheduled for September 1. He will be introduced to the public at the Munich Mobility Salon, which opens on September 7. As otherwise, production will again be provided by the Kie plant in Žilina. And it’s not far from the new Kia Sportage even to customers. The sale should start in the autumn.

Kia Sportage EU - 2022

Kia Sportage EU - 2022


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