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Vladimir Weiss st. before ŠK Slovan Bratislava – Olympiakos Piraeus – Š


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“Miracles are happening in the world, we will try one tomorrow,” said one of the first sentences of Slovan Bratislava coach Vladimír Weiss st. on Wednesday’s press in front of the domestic retaliation of the European League play-off against Olympiacos Piraeus.

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I also take the loss on myself. I believe in a miracle

The Slovak champion will try to catch up with a three-goal deficit when he failed to defend standard situations in Greece. “We did not manage the second half for many reasons. I take it on myself, not always and everything goes out for the coach. Today I would solve something differently, “ Weiss admitted.

Immediately after the loss, he expressed a desire to play a dignified retaliation. He was a little bolder on Wednesday: “Olympiakos has a good enough team to guard it. However, if we scored within 30 minutes, anything would be possible. We have already experienced a few miracles in Slovan or the national team. I trust the team that we can do it. “

Weiss has already noticed valuable scalps. He ruled out AS Rome with Slovan, defeated FC Porto with Petržalka, and defended Italy’s defender from Slovakia in the 2010 World Cup.

“In Bern we scored two goals, threw a penalty and two opportunities. Why can’t we also have five chances tomorrow? We just need to be more efficient and use every half chance, “he challenged.

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Green has something from Mohu, something from Weiss

Compared to the duel in Greece, he was again injured by the tracker Myenta Abena, but after the card penalty Vernon De Marco is back. The English acquisition of Andre Green debuted against Sered over the weekend.

“She looks good in the training process, has an excellent football grammar. To see in him the English elements that he had been raised by Aston Villa. He will be ready tomorrow and we will see how much he can do physically, “said Weiss Sr., according to whom Green has something from Mohu and something from Weiss Jr. The coach announced an offensive line-up before retaliation.

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I promise reinforcements will come

In the end, he returned to the traditional theme of the arrival of further reinforcements. “We have a demanding program and we have to complete the staff. People tell me I’m complaining or crying, but it’s a reality. We have a good staff for our league, but we have seen for international football….

If we want to dream of matches against Real Madrid or Barcelona in the Champions League, we have to bring younger players with perspective, even finished. I pulled Kankava and Kashia to make holes in the Titanic. Although he did not dive, there were cracks in the defense. They both held their seats.

We need to strengthen ourselves in the attack, the leadership is working on it. I promise the players will come. I wrote the list and some will come, some not anymore. Sometimes someone is smarter and sometimes someone has a different opinion than me, “the coach probably pointed out Samuel Mráz as well. A member of the wider cadre of the national team admitted for ŠPORT.skthat before signing with the Italian first league Spezia he negotiated with the Slavs.

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Vojtek’s transfer is about to fall, we also have to sell

Weiss then commented on the potential arrival of the left defender of the Slovak national team under 21 and Michalovce Matúš Vojtek: “It’s about to fall, according to my information we’re practically agreed.”

He reiterated that there was no going back for the Brazilian offensive universal Rafael Rata and that the club had to sell it: “We will sell some other players to feed this colossus. It cannot be pulled from just one pocket. Some players in Slovan do not meet the criteria required by modern football. They will either add or leave. “

The coach confirmed that he is not in the habit of fogging up and will always say something extra compared to his colleagues: “I inform the situation in the club openly and truthfully. There are also problems in each of us, we try to take away the best robot. I came to help and change something at the instigation of the owner. I try it and some people like it, some don’t. I have always had friends, admirers and people who hated me. That’s my whole football life. ”

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