NewsWorldŠkoda Fabia in station wagon version ends -

Škoda Fabia in station wagon version ends –


The Czech carmaker Škoda Auto ends the production of the Fabia model in the station wagon version.

The reasons include that the station wagon would be too expensive to be profitable and new emission standards. The damage needs to make room for electric cars.

The Škoda Fabia is currently the last small station wagon on the European market. In the current generation, more than hatchbacks will be sold in the Czech Republic. This station wagon version of the previous generation Fabia should live to see 2023, then a new one should come according to the original plans. The new generation of the Fabia hatchback is already entering the market.

Škoda has currently found that it cannot build a station wagon version of the new generation Fabia to be profitable, comply with increasingly stringent emission standards and be economically viable.

“The extremely strict EU7 emission standard is now accelerating even more dramatically the transformation process towards electromobility. Therefore, not only do we need more electric cars, but we also need to say goodbye to some internal combustion engine products faster than planned. Last but not least, compliance with this emission standard is associated with very high costs. Therefore, we decided together to invest consistently in the future and to say goodbye to internal combustion engine models such as the Škoda Fabia Combi in time, “Škoda chief Thomas Schäfer wrote in a joint letter with Jaroslav Povšík, the trade union chief, to the carmaker’s employees.

It’s a big blow to the dealers. “It simply came to our notice then. After the previous promise that the Fabia will come in the combi version in 2023, we were looking forward to continuing sales of this extremely popular vehicle among corporate and private customers, “Radek Donner from the Auto Elso dealership in Prague told” The Fabia Combi was and is an absolutely unique product that gave us a significant competitive advantage in the market, “he added.

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