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Vidal promises “normal” back to school focused on “100% face-to-face” – BFMTV


The Minister of Higher Education is preparing to accompany the last academic year of this government. And she expects a return to normality, after exercises disturbed by the Covid-19. In an interview with Parisian Tuesday, Frédérique Vidal notably assured that there would be no gauge this year in the amphitheatres.

The Covid-19 landed in the world and in France as the 2019-2020 financial year was in full swing. And he again spoiled the start of the school year in autumn 2020. Thus, the world of higher education has been living for more than a year in the silence of “lecture halls” emptied by the epidemic, in the worry of students sometimes socially insecure and psychologically weakened, which then has to be supported.

But the Minister of Higher Education, Frédérique Vidal, expressed her optimism about the start of the academic year ahead, on the occasion ofan interview granted Tuesday to Parisian. This will be “as normal as possible,” she promised, adding:

“The principle is a return to school 100% face-to-face, with a health protocol to allow this to happen in the best possible way.”

Physical distancing lifted but maintaining barrier gestures

The backbone of his speech, this expression of “100% face-to-face” has not left the mouth of the minister. It must be said that the return to the flesh and blood of students on site raises many issues. “There will be no gauge in the lecture halls, in order to use the maximum capacity of the rooms and allow 100% face-to-face attendance”, said Frédérique Vidal, who drew a first conclusion from this situation:

“This therefore means that there will be no physical distancing. But we maintain compliance with barrier gestures such as wearing a mask or the ventilation and cleaning instructions for the premises which had already been set up at the site. second semester last “, she immediately counterbalanced.

“The principle is the same everywhere: 100% of students must be welcomed on site. But that will also depend on the configuration of the premises,” she admitted. Frédérique Vidal has indeed transmitted her instructions in order to avoid a possible overload on the benches: “If, in certain very particular cases, there are too many students, the heads of establishments will be able to duplicate the rooms, or even retransmit the course. in another amphitheater. “

In case of virus intrusion

The Minister further detailed the chosen device. The health pass will not be necessary to attend the course. On the other hand, it will be to take part in the festivals of student associations, in cultural and sporting activities – if and only if they are strictly extracurricular and are held in establishments open to the public, assures the ministry. It will also be required at the entrance of seminars bringing together more than 50 people.

Now let’s say that a student contracts the virus.

“A vaccinated student is not subject to isolation, and can continue face-to-face lessons”, asked Frédérique Vidal to the Ile-de-France daily.

Otherwise, “positive cases and contact cases are isolated for seven days, while being able to follow distance education,” she concluded. The alert will be launched with the Primary Health Insurance Fund after the detection of “three positive cases in the same teaching unit” in the space of seven days.

Vidal wants to boost vaccination on campus

It is also on vaccination that the member of the government intends to base this return to normality. She praised a rate of primary vaccines of “80%” among students, and “63% of complete immunization schedules”. A final audience of which she estimates that it will even reach 80% by the start of the academic year. The executive also intends to boost the vaccination by practicing it on the spot.

“In each main campus, there will be a site, piloted by the ARS. University health services, in some cases, will also be vaccination centers,” added Frédérique Vidal to the newspaper.

Finally, in the screening component, she announced the delivery of “2.5 million self-tests” to establishments under the supervision of her ministry.

Robin verner BFMTV reporter


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