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Do reliefs for the vaccinated make sense? Infectologist Sabaka gives the answer: Clear arguments! – Topky


According to the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, the vaccine reduces the risk of infection by up to 5 times and reduces the risk of hospitalization by up to 29 times.

As the Slovak infectologist Peter Sabaka pointed out, it is clear that in the delta variant, infections are not a rarity in those vaccinated, but they are still 5 times less frequent and the vaccines are probably also less infectious. According to him, the relief for the vaccinated makes sense.

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It is also clear that protection against infection decreases over time as antibody levels decrease. “But what is also becoming clear is that the protection against a severe course remains very solid despite the expansion of the delta variant and despite the time that has elapsed since vaccination,” he pointed out.

In addition, after vaccination or overcoming the infection, memory cells remain in our bodies, which, according to Sabak, are quickly “kicked” by the infection and begin to produce more antibodies.. “So the vaccinees still have nothing to worry about. The coronavirus poses minimal risk to the health of those who already have immunity.” he added.


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