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Štaidlova EX broke silence: Shocking words about Bartošová –


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Iveta took over her husband, and cheated on Štaidl’s ex-wife Aňa, years later, she finally spoke. You will just shake your head after her words …

He married an ethereal cat, but … Musician Ladislav Štaidl († 75) married a year after the tragic death of his older brother Jiří († 30), who was killed in a car accident. Lada was 29 at the time and married Anna Pleskotová, a lawyer one year younger. She was already at a more advanced stage of pregnancy at the time of their wedding. They were married in October 1974, and in December of the same year, a few days before Christmas, their firstborn son was born, whom he named after his late brother George.

Although Aňa, as everyone told Štaidl’s wife, was pregnant, she looked quite charming and formed a nice couple with Štaidl. Two years after his firstborn son, his second son Jan was born and eight years later his coveted daughter Karolína. Although Ladislav was an exemplary father of the family, he was able to take care of his loved ones, but his marriage to Anna, at least for her, was not worth much. The cause was his innumerable infidelities. However, such a condition suited Štaidl, he enjoyed life, he had the service he needed at home …

In addition to one-off scandals, Štaidl’s wife Aňa also had to spend long-term relationships with Jitka Zelenková or later with Iveta Bartošová. And it was Iveta who mentioned in her book I Shouldn’t Be Born, mentioning that Mrs. Staidlová dealt with the man’s infidelities with alcohol. However, Láďa Štaidl never wanted to divorce, but his wife probably finally pushed her own, and in 2001 the court divorced their marriage.

Štaidl’s wife Aňa then appeared in public only sporadically, so few had an idea of ​​what she looks like at present. Age, but also the solution of alcohol-related relationship problems have significantly affected its manifestation. And so today, many of her appearance is probably in shock. Mrs. Aňa has gained significantly, and by no means reminiscent of the ethereal woman he once married Ladislav Štaidl. See her PHOTO in the GALLERY.

Oh, what a cat Aňa Štaidlová was in her youth, and he cheated on her anyway!

However, if someone expected that despite the humiliation that Mrs. Aňa had to endure because of her husband and Bartošová, she would be “spewing sulfur” to Iveta’s address, she is mistaken. Years later, Štaidl’s ex admitted that Iveta had actually freed her from a chronic unbeliever, because otherwise she would hardly have decided to divorce and would continue to suffer. Aňa Štaidlová basically forgave Ivete, but when her ex-husband Láďa Štaidl died, even though he was the father of her three successful children and after the divorce they had quite correct relationships, she could not cry for him …


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