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Covid origin, new US report: no certainty


Still no certainty from US intelligence on the origins of the coronavirus. President Joe Biden received on Tuesday a confidential report the Washington Post calls “inconclusive” regarding hypotheses that the pathogen made the leap from an animal to a human through a natural process, or that it escaped from a Chinese laboratory. The US intelligence community, reports the Post, in the coming days will consider whether to make parts of the document public. The report is the result of intense work that lasted 90 days, after Bidena commissioned intelligence agencies in May to produce a document “that could bring us closer to a definitive conclusion” on the origins of the virus. But despite analyzing existing intelligence information and looking for new evidence, US experts have failed to find unanimous consensus on the conclusions of their work, administration officials told the Post. , which came after the attacks launched on China by his predecessor Donald Trump, was decided after the president received a report from intelligence agencies in May that focused on “two probable scenarios”, without however drawing a definitive conclusion. Biden reported that two intelligence agencies were biased in supporting the natural origin of the virus, while a third leaned towards the hyporesis of escape from the laboratory.


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