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The distress of caregivers in the face of Covid and patient mistrust – The HuffPost


Stephane Mahe via Reuters

(Illustrative photo taken at Vannes hospital in March 2021 by REUTERS / Stephane Mahe

COVID – Exhaustion, sadness, fear, misunderstanding and bewilderment. While Olivier Véran indicated on Monday August 23 that the epidemic peak of the fourth wave could be reached “In a few days”, the caregivers on the front line are cracking and shouting their exhaustion on social networks.

Resuscitation services saturated with the number of new cases, recalcitrant and suspicious anti-vaccine patients, misinformation, lack of help, death … The situation is unlivable for the nursing staff in the south of the metropolis in the West Indies, their words respond and come together.

“Assessment of the guard: I can’t take the Covid anymore. Of this medicine degraded by the mass influx. To intubate and see guys 30, 40 years old die. To refuse people of 60, 65 direct ”, gets carried away one of them named Tazocilline on Twitter. Recounting his grueling daily life punctuated by the deaths of patients, very quickly replaced by others in critical condition, he despairs of dealing with suspicious, unvaccinated and increasingly young patients.

“Even though I am rather ‘solid’ psychologically, this Covid is extremely difficult to live with professionally. So many people who are dying, who cannot be treated, younger and younger, it is painful. It marks, it hurts. With a form of powerless resignation ”, he confides.

But at the end of his day, it’s what he sees in the street that ends him: demonstrations against compulsory vaccination. “All their delusional talk about the ‘danger’ of the vaccine, their early pseudo-treatments, their conspiracy theories. An insult to caregivers, to the sick, to the dead, ”he denounces.

“What have I done as a caregiver to lose your confidence?”

Ditto on the side of Laureen, nurse in the Paca region whose text was reposted on The HuffPost. “What we are experiencing in the field is unprecedented ”, she assures. In addition to exhaustion, astonishment in the face of surly patients who claim not to be vaccinated. Worse, “they are suspicious if not opposed to the slightest care that we provide them” or “have voluntarily infected themselves in order to ‘be free’”.

“Yesterday the patient in vital distress was frightened, complacent. Today, the Covid patient is 32 years old, is a father, with no history or convenience criteria, has refused to be vaccinated and claims to know the disease in which he sometimes did not even believe ”, she denounces. .

“We bring down young people in intensive care for serious forms that they could have avoided. We receive patients with 75% pulmonary involvement born in 1990 and the room next door we have their parents, often too old to support resuscitation, not vaccinated either because ‘they did not want’ ‘, testifies the distraught nurse.

“What have I done, me caregiver, to lose your confidence?”, She wonders to conclude.

“A catastrophic situation, similar to a context of war”

In Guadeloupe, who is experiencing a severe fourth wave, the bell sound is the same. Two caregivers from the CHU de Guadeloupe shared their painful feelings and their indignation at the situation they are facing.

Inès Mabchour, doctor at the Point-à-Pitre University Hospital, spoke on a group of testimonials on Facebook “Testimonials Covid19 Guadeloupe, Sister Islands, caregivers and patients”. Referring in particular to the mental load, the arduousness and the difficulties encountered with patients who are suspicious of the vaccine, she describes a “catastrophic situation, similar to a context of war”.

“Nothing is a lie, I would even say that in view of human capital, the media are euphemizing (sic). The reason for this debacle is not a lack of resources (even if it is present), nor a lack of bed (resuscitation outside covid is not subject to saturation) … it is due to an uncontrollable flow of patients view of the transmission in town, ”she alarmed. In Guadeloupe, the vaccination rate, even if it has accelerated in recent days, remains low.

“The situation is serious, a majority of families will come out in mourning or weakened, know it. At this point, we just hope to save as much as possible, so that we don’t have these deaths on our consciousness. We are paying for a late vaccination, and it would be bad faith not to admit it. While understanding the reasons that have caused this mistrust, the situation is far too serious to be politicized, no people will be able to fight for their freedom and justice if they are not alive and in good health ”, she writes. Again.

“I can’t take any more of all this disinformation, of all these amalgamations” laments another CHU caregiver on Instagram.

“This latest wave is nothing like the one I have known before,” he laments, denouncing those who “question the word of professionals”.

Even more than questioning this word, the Internet user treating Tazocilline denounces a few days after his testimony “bursts of hate messages”, coming from anti-vaccine “activists”.

“Following this raw testimony which called for nothing in return, I get bursts of hate messages from all these death activists denying covid, antivax and co. I would be a troll, a liar, and how would I have time to write. Their violence is unheard of ”, he is indignant, hoping nevertheless to have been able to give thanks to his testimony“ a photograph of what one can experience in certain places ”.

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