NewsWorldAfghanistan, NATO withdrawal: the opinion of the experts

Afghanistan, NATO withdrawal: the opinion of the experts


The situation in Afghanistan, the US withdrawal, the role of NATO. The experts contacted by Adnkronos focus on what is happening in the country, as the deadline of 31 August approaches. “I fear that for NATO and Western countries that of Afghanistan is now a closed chapter,” General Vincenzo Camporini, former Chief of Staff of the Air Force and Defense, told Adnkronos. “A role may be played by some individual countries that will have the desire and the stomach to dialogue with the Taliban – he underlines – but for NATO the discussion is closed. Also because there will be many other things to deal with that concern the international community. I am thinking, for example, of the diplomatic relations between Morocco and Algeria, which open up worrying scenarios ”concludes Camporini. For General Mario Buscemi, former Deputy Chief of Staff of the Army and former military adviser to the Prime Minister, “the situation in Afghanistan can hardly be recovered by now, the problem is that the US withdrawal has not been adequately organized, the escape from the airport had to be handled before folding ”. “What is happening is a tragedy because after 20 years a substantial part of Afghans collaborated with Westerners, now we can only try to welcome those who can – he adds – Of course, on the part of the Americans there was a very simplistic approach: the fact that the Afghan army would not hold and would not have any desire to fight should have been known from before ”. “The US left Afghanistan by their will and therefore – General Buscemi concluded – they could have better planned the withdrawal”. “NATO has lost credibility for a long time, this withdrawal from Afghanistan is a further example of the need for a refoundation. Trump has called it obsolete, Macron brain dead, these are crude terms but they give a good idea of ​​the current condition of the country. ‘organization “, General Leonardo Tricarico, former Chief of Staff of the Air Force, told Adnkronos. “It was a defeat but it was not 20 years thrown away. Whatever President Biden says, we were not there only to defeat terrorism but for a state building work, already the name of the mission ‘Resolute Support Mission’ says a lot. In this context, a process of solicitation has been undertaken for Afghan society in order to stimulate growth. Much has been done in this sense, just ask the NGOs about the changes that have taken place in the education and health sector from yesterday to today “.


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