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They will also allow a speed of 130 km / h on the motorway in Bratislava –


The introduction of the smart highway system is intended to significantly reduce the occurrence of columns and their range.

25. aug 2021 at 11:52 (updated 25. aug 2021 at 13:17) TASR

BRATISLAVA. The National Motorway Company is launching the most modern line traffic control in Slovakia on the D1 and D2 motorways in Bratislava.

The introduction of the system called smart and smart highways, respectively, the incidence and extent of convoys should be significantly reduced, traffic flow improved and road safety increased.

After the bypass, it will also be possible to drive at a speed of 130 kilometers per hour in some time periods.

Permitted speed according to the traffic situation

Representatives of the NDS and the traffic police informed about it at Wednesday’s press conference.

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“This management has several benefits that will significantly change and affect traffic in Bratislava. The main thing is to increase safety. The flow of road traffic will automatically increase,” said Peter Peťko, member of the Board of Directors and director of the NDS operations department. At certain times, a speed of 130 km / h will be possible.

“The speed will not be valid throughout the day, but will be dynamically controlled according to the condition of the road network,” Petko emphasized.

Sensor network

The new system is also expected to increase the capacity of the road network by ten to twenty percent.

The first phase of line management will be launched on Thursday (August 26) along the entire length of the D1 motorway in the city, ie between the Bratislava, Pečňa junction and the future Bratislava, East junction (currently the Vajnory exit).

Subsequently, in the second stage, it will be on the section of the D2 motorway from the Sitina tunnel, or the Mlynská dolina exit to the Jarovce junction.

Input data for the control system will be collected by 178 sensors located on the highway. These are mainly vehicle detectors, road conditions and air sensors. The data system evaluates and models traffic processes.

Management of variable traffic signs will be automatic, the setting will be re-evaluated every 60 seconds, in case of more serious incidents even earlier.

Replacement of boards with markings

In case of deterioration or serious incidents, the corresponding restrictions, prohibitions and warnings will be lit on the signs, in ideal conditions the traffic signs will be off.

At the same time, the competent authorities draw attention to the updating of traffic signs, and thus the unification of traffic signs in Bratislava.

The update of the permanent traffic signs concerns the D1 motorway in the section from the Pečňa – airport exit junction and the D2 motorway in the Pečňa section.

The changes are related not only to the new decree on traffic signs but also to the launch of the D4 / R7 motorway junction. By November, 100 boards with markings should be replaced in this way.

NDS plans to extend the line control system on the D1 motorway up to Senec and on the D2 motorway to the future Bratislava junction (currently Stupava).

It will also be applied on the construction of the Bratislava bypass, ie on the D4 motorway from Jaroviec to Rača and on the R7 expressway in the section Bratislava, Nivy – Bratislava, south. The network traffic control should also be started via the line system.


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