NewsWorldThomas Pesquet sends photos of Bordeaux-Mérignac airport from space...

Thomas Pesquet sends photos of Bordeaux-Mérignac airport from space – South West


Thomas Pesquet sends us images of Bordeaux and Mérignac airport from space. Photos still astounding in detail and yet taken at an altitude of over 400 km

Thomas Pesquet, the first French astronaut to take command of the International Space Station, knows Bordeaux well. He has regularly managed since 2018 parabolic flights aboard the A310 Zero-G of the company Novespace, based in Mérignac. These commercialized flights allow the general public to experience weightlessness. Sensation that he has known well for four months aboard the ISS, more than 400 km from Earth.

This Wednesday morning, Thomas Pesquet passed over Bordeaux. He posted on his social networks two pretty views of Bordeaux and Bordeaux airport. As a nod to his former pilots of the Zero-G plane. The next weightless flight will take place on August 26. It is complete. All like those of 2022. The entrance ticket is 6,000 euros.

View of Mérignac airport from space.

Twitter reproduction Thomas Pesquet


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