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CAUTION – Insurgents have warned Westerners that they oppose the departure of Afghan graduates alongside foreigners on evacuation flights from Kabul airport. “This country needs its expertise”, defended one of their spokespersons.

The evacuation of foreigners from Afghanistan by Westerners, yes, but also allowing the most qualified Afghans to leave the country, that will no longer be a question, the new Taliban regime warned on Tuesday, August 24, again refusing any extension of the deadline for these operations, which must end on August 31. From “Afghan experts”, such as engineers, are exfiltrated from the country by the Americans and their allies, and “we ask them to stop this”, said one of their spokespersons, Zabihullah Mujahid, at a press conference in Kabul.

“This country needs its expertise”, he justified, believing that these qualified Afghans “should not be taken to other countries”. The Westerners “have planes, they have the airport, they should take their nationals (…) out of here”, added Zabihullah Mujahid: “They should not encourage Afghans to flee Afghanistan”, did he declare.

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Afghanistan in the hands of the Taliban

Since the fall of Kabul to the insurgents on August 15 and the takeover of the Islamists, tens of thousands of Afghans have been evacuated alongside foreigners, fearing that the Taliban will impose the same type of fundamentalist regime. and brutal than during their lightning passage at the head of the State between 1996 and 2001. Every day, thousands of inhabitants still crowd at the gates of the airport of the capital, under the control of the American forces, in the hope of being able to flee as well.

At the same time, Zabihullah Mujahid once again tried to reassure the international community about the fate of Afghan women, while testimonies of Afghan women prevented from working are already circulating, and photos of women on the windows of shops and salons. beauty spots were vandalized in the capital. Afghan women employed in the administration will be able to return to work when security is guaranteed, the spokesperson said. “We want them to work, but also for safety to be good” for that, he tried to justify, adding that they had to stay at home by then.

The withdrawal on August 31, “red line” not to be crossed

In addition, the spokesperson for the insurgents recalled his opposition “closed” in the pursuit of evacuations after August 31, the deadline for a definitive withdrawal of American and foreign forces from Afghanistan, decided by Joe Biden. The Taliban had already indicated on Monday that this deadline was a “Red line” and should not be delayed.

The US president, for his part, said he also sticks to this schedule on Tuesday, August 24. Joe Biden has confirmed the August 31 deadline to complete the “mission” of the American army in Afghanistan, provided that the new Afghan regime does not obstruct the evacuation of those who want to flee Kabul.

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During a virtual summit with his G7 counterparts, the President of the United States opposed Washington’s allies, such as the United Kingdom and France, who insisted on an extension of the military presence. American, in order to allow more time for the exfiltration of Afghans deemed to be at risk in their own country. “We are currently on track to complete by August 31” this “mission”, he said during a speech, while affirming his desire to“evacuate people as efficiently and safely as possible”.

But respecting this deadline “depends” Taliban cooperation to “allow access to the airport” candidates at the start, warned Joe Biden, warning them against any “hindrance” to these difficult operations. To justify maintaining the date of August 31, he invoked Tuesday the “serious and increasing risk of an attack” of the jihadist group Islamic State, which “seeks to target the airport and attack US and allied forces as well as innocent civilians”, he estimated.

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