NewsWorldMore dangerous than Afghanistan. US has strengthened "friendly"...

More dangerous than Afghanistan. US has strengthened “friendly” Pakistan with billions –


The departure of Americans from Afghanistan has one overlooked aspect that may ultimately be even more dangerous to the United States and the world than the Taliban government.

We talked about the situation in Afghanistan with political scientist Jozef Lenč:

Reinforced Pakistan, where Taliban-prone generals and a range of jihadist groups have now taken a new turn into the sails, wrote in the news portal The Wall Street Journal.

In official statements, Pakistan states that it supports a peaceful solution in Afghanistan. But if there is a capital in the world where the Taliban’s victory was received with barely hidden mischievous joy, then it was Islamabad.

Prime Minister Imran Khan praised the Afghans for “breaking the shackles of slavery.” On social networks, retired generals and Taliban supporters hailed the triumph of Islam – and they didn’t mind at all that even the overthrown Afghan government called its country an “Islamic republic.”

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