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The legend of Slovak hockey loaded the national team: What are these opponents? We’re shaking forward! – Sports


The picture shows the first training of the Slovak hockey team before the Olympic qualification Source: TASR / SZĽH / Andrej Galica

BRATISLAVA – Slovak hockey players will play the first match of the Olympic qualification against Austria tomorrow. Opponents from Poland and Belarus are still waiting for us at home in the Ondrej Nepel Stadium. Only the winner of the group will get a seat to Beijing, and according to former Slovak hockey player Vincent Lukáč, it should be clear about the promotion from the beginning.

The NHL players, who did not come to represent, were on the show, and apart from Marian Studenič from the New Jersey Devils and Adam Ružička, who is a Calgary Flames player, Slovakia will not be represented by any other NHL player in the Olympic qualification. “I read various reports about how weak we will be, as no one from the NHL will strengthen us at the Bratislava tournament. Please, let’s stop crying. What are we talking about? Who from overseas was supposed to come? I will mention just a few names that speak for themselves. Zdeno Chára is 44 years old, he is after his zenith, he has already handed it over to the Slovak national team. Tomáš Tatar took the last matches of last season in the stands and such Tomáš Jurčo I don’t even know where he is currently playing. Who are we crying for? ” said Vincent Lukáč.

A gift for Vincent Lukáč
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Source: SITA

What are the opponents

Legendary striker Lukáč also commented on the margin of our opponents, who can be said to be a class lower than Slovak hockey players. “What are the opponents?” I will not even discuss that we have to win over each of them. We shake forward and argue that a weak opponent no longer exists or something like that. You won’t overwhelm an advanced hockey fan with something like that. It is our duty to win and advance from this competition, “ the hockey legend continued without a napkin.

In the picture, a representative team
Photo gallery (4)
Source: TASR / SZĽH / Andrej Galica

We don’t have or won’t have others

The team that was nominated for the qualification is made up mainly of players who also completed the recent World Championships in Riga, where Slovakia reached the quarterfinals after many years. “We do not have others and we will not have any. Who do our opponents have in the teams? What names? None! We have to manage this tournament without any problems, because we still play at home. There is no other alternative, “ Vincent Lukáč added sharply.

Pictured from left is Martin
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Source: TASR / SZĽH / Andrej Galica

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