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Afghanistan, deadline does not change: US withdrawal on 31 August


No extension of the deadline. The US, US President Joe Biden explained, is “determined” to withdraw troops from Afghanistan by – and possibly no later than – next August 31st. “The sooner we finish, the better”, Biden said, who stressed that “every day of operations involves risks for our troops”. After the G7 ended with a joint declaration, the terms of the withdrawal therefore remain the same and despite Boris Johnson’s request to extend the airlift even beyond the deadline imposed by the Taliban. Read also Meanwhile, the British evacuation operations from Kabul will be completed within “24-36 hours”, sources from the British Ministry of Defense after the G7 revealed to the ‘Guardian’. According to sources, the US military needs at least another two to three days to close its operations in Kabul, while London will leave the possibility of evacuating at risk and vulnerable people until the last moment. G7 “We will cooperate with neighboring countries and others in the region to support Afghan refugees” as part of a “long-term coordinated regional response. We call on all partners in Afghanistan to support this effort,” G7 leaders said. in the final statement released yesterday at the end of the Afghanistan summit. “Afghanistan must never again become a safe haven for terrorism or the source of terrorist attacks against others. By working together with partners, especially NATO allies, we will continue to fight terrorism with determination and solidarity, everywhere” . “We express grave concern about the situation in Afghanistan and call for calm and restraint to ensure the safety of vulnerable Afghans and foreign nationals and to prevent a humanitarian crisis.” “We call on all parties in Afghanistan to work in good faith to establish an inclusive and representative government, which also sees the significant participation of women and minorities “.” Every future Afghan government will have to respect international obligations and commitments against terrorism, to safeguard the human rights of all Afghans, especially the women, children and ethnic and religious minorities, defend the rule of law, allow unconditional humanitarian access and effectively combat drug and human trafficking “. USA “We are in line to conclude” the evacuation from Afghanistan “for 31 August: the sooner we finish, the better”. Biden said this on the operation. “I met with my colleagues from the G7, the leaders of the UN, NATO and the EU. I thanked for the solidarity seen, we are committed to an unprecedented effort. We have evacuated 70,700 people since August 14, in the last 12 hours there have been another 19 US military flights that have carried 6,400 people evacuated. Over 50 flights and 12,000 people ”overall from coalition countries in the last 12 hours. “We will continue to work together to get people out in the most efficient and safe way. Every day of operations carries risks for our troops. The conclusion by 31 August depends on the cooperation of the Taliban, allowing access to the airport “of the people who must be evacuated. “I asked the Pentagon and the State Department for plans to change the calendar if necessary. I am determined to ensure the conclusion of this mission ”. ITALY During the G7 on the crisis in Afghanistan, Prime Minister Mario Draghi explained that the goal is to be able to safely conclude the evacuation operations in Kabul by the end of August. In this regard, the premier stressed the need to “maintain a contact channel even after the deadline of 31 August and the possibility of transiting Afghanistan safely”. “Furthermore”, said Draghi, “we must ensure – right from the start – that international organizations have access to Afghanistan even after this deadline”. To date, from Afghanistan “we have evacuated all the Italians who asked us to leave the country. Country, responding to the communication sent by the Embassy. We brought to Italy almost 2,700 Afghans, mainly collaborators of the Italian institutions, starting from our military contingent, and their families “, declared Foreign Minister Luigi Di Maio, speaking yesterday on the Afghan crisis and its developments before the joint Foreign Affairs and Defense Committee of the House and Senate. “A number destined to grow, considering about a thousand Afghans already safe at the airport and expected to embark on the next Italian flights”, he added. In Afghanistan “there are still 32 Italians who do not want to return”, said the minister. According to Di Maio, should some of them change their minds, Italy is ready to repatriate them in the last days of the evacuation process from Kabul. ENGLAND “The number one condition we are insisting on is that safe passage beyond August 31 is guaranteed,” British Prime Minister Johnson said at the end of the G7. The G7 agreed on a common line regarding evacuation operations from Kabul, but also a “roadmap” on how to approach the Taliban, the British Prime Minister underlined. The United Kingdom has so far taken 9,000 people away from Kabul on 57 flights and “we will go on until the last possible moment”, he explained, saying he is “confident” that the country will be able to evacuate “thousands more” of people. “But the situation at the airport – he warned – is not improving”. GERMANY Talks on Afghanistan between G7 leaders, German Chancellor Angela Merkel said, did not lead to an extension of the August 31 deadline for evacuations from Kabul. “The conference did not lead to new dates” on the end of the evacuation mission, Merkel told the press after the meeting in virtual format. The Chancellor added that there were intense discussions on whether to use a civilian-run airport after such deadline and that Germany is ready to work with neighboring countries to Afghanistan, such as Pakistan and Iran, to help refugees.


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