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“France” is the name of Bruno Dumont’s next film which hits theaters on Wednesday August 25th. It is a satire of the continuous information carried by Léa Seydoux, Benjamin Biolay and Blanche Gardin.

Microphone in hand, the journalist France’s mission is to inform the French. She is sometimes queen of JT, sometimes a war reporter in a minefield who does not hesitate to stage information. In this satire of the media world, only one obsession: the race to the hearing. And to embody this PAF icon, director Bruno Dumont has chosen a cinema icon, Léa Seydoux.

But like all stars, France has its flaws, its paradoxes. This year, the actress Léa Seydoux is on all fronts. She will star in four other films including the highly anticipated James Bond. It is a talent that we are tearing up both in France and internationally.She had only three years of career and she was already in the films of Quentin Tarantino, Woody Allen (…) it’s an extremely impressive career“, says Gauthier Jurgensen, cinema journalist at Sattelifax. With the film “France”, the actress further confirms her status as a superstar on the big screen.

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