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And it’s out: The moderator of the Love Island reality show will be this sexy beauty – TV Markíza


The magnificent Czech-Slovak version of the globally successful reality show Love Island will start at VOYO on September 19, 2021, but viewers of Markíza and Doma televisions will also find something to their liking.

From Sunday, September 19, 2021, viewers in Slovakia and the Czech Republic will be able to enjoy the completely new reality show Love Island, which has been a phenomenal success around the world.

A group of young people from Slovakia and the Czech Republic will not only enjoy the sun, the sea and common tasks and games in a beautiful villa in the Canary Islands, but also look for the love of their lives under the supervision of television cameras. And when you add an attractive € 75,000 prize pool at the end, it’s clear that the fun will be taken care of.

Viewers will be able to watch in a “live broadcast” how the contestants will warm up with mutual feelings with all the ups and downs, with all the emotions that love brings. In each episode, their relationships are tested, because those who are not paired or are only paired for a specific purpose are in danger of having to leave the luxury villa. Love Island is a really hot reality show full of fun, sun, romance and the search for love in paradise!

Love Island will be accompanied by a well-known Czech presenter, actress, blogger and influencer Nikol Moravcová: “I am very much looking forward to the concept of this show, because such a format has not been on the screens yet, and I myself am curious about what awaits us.”

Nikol believes that it is possible to find a life partner in this show: “My husband and I sought happiness in an alternative way. I think this way of finding love is better than sitting passively at home. Definitely a big fan of our performers. It’s, of course, about the courage to gain strength, because a villa in the Canary Islands reveals a lot of the person’s personality. ”

In short, millions of young people around the world love this show. And during the broadcast, several people in the villa actually found their soulmate, with whom they stayed long after the end of the show, some even married and have children.

The reality show is created in cooperation with the production company Paprika Studios, which also produces, for example, the serial megahit Pán profesor for TV Markíza. The format is intended primarily for the VOYO streaming service, but with a time lag it will also be used in the broadcasting of Markíza and Doma televisions.

Watch the interview with Nikol Moravcova:


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