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Nagui, Lemoine, Ardisson … They innovate for the return of France televisions – Le Figaro


WE WERE THERE – France Televisions took stock of its 2021-2022 season at the Pavillon Gabriel in Paris on Tuesday, August 24, in the presence of officials, journalists and broadcasters from public service channels.

The Pavillon Gabriel, in the 8th arrondissement of Paris, a landmark of the years Champs-Elysees by Michel Drucker, hosted the France Televisions back-to-school press conference on August 24. The indestructible figure of the public service had made the trip, as well as a large number of officials, journalists and hosts of the group’s channels. Return to normal, therefore, face-to-face but with sanitary passes and masks required for a real television show, led by Mélanie Taravant, the host of That is to say, who takes the reins of the World in front in place of Marina Carrère d’Encausse Sunday evening on France 5.

The mystery guest ofElysee 2022

Television is everyone’s companion on a daily basis, it allows people to come out of their isolation and it must in this sense create and innovate. With the containments linked to the pandemic, our usefulness has been awakened. We have demonstrated this with homeschooling in particular. For this new season, we are betting on a light tone in an anxiety-provoking period», Declared, in the preamble, Delphine Ernotte Cunci, CEO of France Televisions, extremely relaxed.

“Mohamed (Bouhafsi) is the only one who can be proud of having interviewed Emmanuel Macron and Lionel Messi.”

On the news side, Laurent Guimier, news director, welcomed the results of the five years of the France Info channel (0.7% of audience points), which has become the leading news platform in France. In this election year, the group is strengthening its political service, highlighting Nathalie Saint-Cricq, Lea Salame and Mohamed Bouhafsi. This defector from RMC arrives in a C to you extension. He will also intervene in 8:22 p.m., twenty minutes in the heart of the 20-hour newscastAnne-Sophie Lapix, which will highlight a political figure. “Mohamed (Bouhafsi) is the only one who can be proud of having interviewed Emmanuel Macron and Lionel messi Jokes Mélanie Taravant.

The show Elysee 2022, on a Thursday by me, in prime time on La Deux, presented by Léa Salamé and Thomas sotto, will offer politicians a long time for confrontation, always with the mystery guest who was favored by the public. Laurent Guimier also announces the creation of Revelators of France Televisions. Journalists and technological partners like the INA will join forces to counter fake news by verifying images, videos and content which will be certified as authentic by a small logo.

Telematin 7 days a week

Telematin on France 2 from 6.30 am, for its 36th year, benefits from a new decor and new faces: Thomas Sotto and Julia Vignali during the week, Maya Lauqué and Damien Thévenot at the weekends. The appointment is therefore given for three hours of direct seven days a week. While on France 3, from 9 am, You are great give the floor to the 13 regions participating in the program, without forgetting Overseas the mag.

On the entertainment side, Diego Bunel, director of these programs, emphasizes French creations that go, he says “move the lines“. He announces in particular Each in turn, new game hosted by Bruno Guillon instead of Love at the end of the morning on France 2.

Authors-composers-performers in the running in The Artist

Nagui launches its own telecrochet, Saturdays in prime time on France 2, entitled The Artist. His particuliarity? Showcase singer-songwriters, live, and give pride of place to the public’s votes. Laurent Ruquier reformed its tandem with Léa Salamé to We are live, Saturdays in the second part of the evening on La Deux. “It’s in the old pots.. ”, Laughs the journalist. While C to you, in access prime time on France 5, therefore offers an extended formula of 40 minutes, with new columnists who have joined the base team. The meeting ofAnne-Elisabeth Lemoine also recovers Seen, the ex-Zapping of Canal +, and announces a humorous short program.

Ardisson talks to the missing in Hôtel du temps

The times are changing, presented by Faustine Bollaert as a bonus on France 2, aims to decipher French society through 50 years of testimonies. “The little story will tell the big story, through a 90-minute doc and then the meeting between different generations on the set.», Specifies the host. First theme: abused childhood. Thierry ardisson, who had deserted the TV shows for a while, will make his comeback on France 3 with Time hotel. It brings back to life a figure who has disappeared from popular culture – Jean Gabin, François Mitterrand or Lady Di – for an evening thanks to artificial intelligence. “I had interviewed everyone, I still had the other world», He launches with his sense of the formula.

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On the cultural side, we will remember the arrival of Passage of the arts, Claire Chazal’s weekly meeting, on Sundays, in the second part of the evening and in an extended version after the sacrosanct Sunday film on France 2. The journalist will also now present The Grand Chessboard in place of Anne-Sophie Lapix. Michel Field, director of culture, also announces The beautiful harangue, an eloquence contest, and the pursuit of a weekly meeting with the performing arts, in particular by giving directors Christophe Honoré, Arnaud Desplechin or Jacques Weber the keys to transposing their universe on the small screen.

Around the World in 80 Days, series with David Tennant

The documentaries, “the essence of public service in this increasingly fractured world», Insists Stéphane Sitbon-Gomez, director of the branches, will focus on the environment and geopolitics. We wait Black in France, Desperately looking for Merkel and a series, It was the Algerian war. Finally, on the fiction side, the Seventh Art will benefit from beautiful evenings on France 3 with three films including that of Midnight cinema. In terms of series, we will soon discover the big international co-production Around the world in 80 days, adaptation of the work of Jules Verne with David Tennant (Broadchurch), a feminist reinterpretation of Germinal with Thierry Godard and Alix Poisson, a new version of Madame Bovary, always with Thierry Godard but also Grégory Fitoussi, and again Elementary particles after Michel Houellebecq.

Thierry Godard in an adaptation of “Germinal” for France 2. France televisions

Objective: to become the first free streaming offer

The conquest of young audiences involves the creation, by France Televisions and its German partner WDR of NOWU, of a new interactive digital offer to enable young Europeans to become actors in the face of environmental emergency. Or by developing the digital strategy of France Televisions, whose platform offers some 200 new programs every day. The goal is to become the first free streaming offer. Nothing contradictory with the development of Salto, a French SVOD platform for Delphine Ernotte Cunci: “Cthey are complementary tools, she says, Salto is a library, while we can upset the home of the day we learn that Josephine Baker will be at the Pantheon! “

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